Saturday, October 30, 2010

saturday flatterday with {ippity} chick ANGIE....

hello! hello!!
happy SATURDAY to you all...
I am so HAPPY to  be here today flattering one of our WONERFUL {ippity} chicks...
let's get to know a bit MORE about angie, shall we?

Tell us a little about yourself....
i was born and raised in utah. i love the seasons here (except for the snow!) and my entire family lives here. i met the love of my life, kerry, seven years ago. we have lived together for the past six and a half years and got married in april 2009. we love to travel and hopefully one day will make it on the dream vacation listed below! i love most sports, especially baseball and hockey, and i’m starting to find a passion for football as well. i am a pediatric intensive care nurse, which i have been doing also for seven years (32 was a big year for me!). i love what i do. i work at a children’s hospital in salt lake city and i can’t imagine working in a better place. my only regret is that i didn’t do it 15 years ago! stamping is my stress reliever from work and life!

How did you first get involved in stamping?

my cute mom actually got me involved in stamping. she used to work for provo craft and got into the craft industry through that. her and my old roommate wanted me to go to a scrapbook expo once and i wouldn’t have anything to do with it. then she had a few card parties and i had no real interest in going, but went as the dutiful daughter to help out. needless to say after the second one i was hooked! at the next year’s scrapbook expo, i was begging her to go! i live in the scrapbook capital of the world, but there isn’t a ton of just stamping stuff here (just companies that make stuff!). so i got involved with an online community, the stamp shack, then later, scs. i was introduced to a whole new world of crafting. now i’m dragging my cute mom everywhere to stamp, including many trips to get together with friends from the stamp shack. we do an annual (which is becoming more semi-annual!) trip to indiana for a girls weekend of stamping. one of those trips is next week! {THAT is awesome angie...isn't it great how crafting brings everyone TOGETHER!! LOVE that!}

What is your stamping style?
i’m not sure i have one specific style…but if i had to narrow it down, i’d say probably more clean and simple. not a lot of foof! and definitely no glitter, unless it’s stickles!

Tell us about your creative process...
usually i think about a project for a while before i try and make it. once i have an idea in my head, i sit down and just start going for it. i usually don’t do a sample of what i’m making first. if i’m making a set of atcs i just start making all nine at the same time. i guess i have an order in which i do things. once i have a theme, i decide what paper and colors i want to work with. then i start with cutting all the cardstock/paper that i need. then i stamp everything, color, and assemble. if i’m making cards, i rarely make just one. i figure if i’m taking the time to cut, stamp and assemble, i might as well bust out a few at the same time!

What is your favorite {ippity} stamp set and why?
there are so many that i love! it’s hard to narrow down just one. but lately i adore quotes a’la happy. it’s just so versitle!

How often do you stamp?
i stamp as often as i can. it’s a huge stress reliever for me! probably 3-4 times a week at least (at least every day i don’t work…)

How long does it take you to make a project you are happy with?

it totally depends on the project. it’s the thinking it up in my head that takes the longest. once i have an idea and actually sit down to start creating it, it doesn’t take too long.

What does your craft room look like?
oh it’s a disaster!! i sort of have a path that i can walk from the door to my table. other than that, stuff is everywhere! my actually table is a mess, but it’s an organized mess. i know exactly where everything is in the chaos!  { that angie, mine is the same exact way!}

What is your biggest paper crafting challenge?
having a deadline! i’m such a procrastinator. {girl we could be TOO!}

What is the name of your Ippity Sales Blog?

What made you decide to start selling Ippity?
i was introduced to unity stamps by a few friends. when i found out that {ippity} was made by unity and that you could sell them, i was so excited. i used to be a su! demo but hated the commitments involved. {ippity} makes it so easy to do what you love without the stress! {HOORAY!!}

Tell us about your experience selling Ippity
it’s been a little slow…mostly friends, but that’s the nice part about it. it’s no pressure. i’m just enjoying the chance to meet people through blog hops.

What song best describes you?
i’ve never thought about a song that describes me!

 What is your favorite quote?
“do or do not. there is no try.” -yoda

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
a lot of outdated condiments! some milk, juice, cheese and beer. it’s time to go to the store!

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
to end needless suffering, especially child abuse.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

What would your dream vacation be?

you know those exotic islands where the water is so blue you don’t believe it’s real? the ones that have the little huts right over the ocean so you can wake up, just jump off the deck and go for a swim? my dream would be to spend two weeks (or more!) there with my husband. just us (and someone to make sure we have good food, umbrella drinks, and clean towels!)

i SOOOOO ENJOYED getting to know Angie more...
THANK YOU angie for taking the time to share a bit about yourself with us!!

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ENJOY your Saturday!!

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  1. It was great getting to know more about you Angie!

  2. Loved reading more about you, Angie. I like your blog a lot and funny stories you wrote down here!
    Hugs, Wendy