Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 2011 RELEASE Day!!!


Introducing the June 2011 Releases:

The Man

The Best

New Season, New Wonder

My True Joy

Flowers + Friends = Priceless

GET these kits from an IPPITY CHICK TODAY!!
just click on the icon below for simple ordering!

Locate an Ippity Chick!

***How about a couple of GAMES
to win some PRIZES?!!!***

(Thanks Jennie for these great ideas!!)

1) leave a comment after you visit the Ippity Chick locator
and let us know which chick lives closest to you.

2) visit the blogs linked below and let us know which is your favorite
new release and a project that inspired you.


See the posts below for the Challenge info.

And...there will be an AWESOME PRIZE!

How about a $20 Ippity Gift Certificate
to the Ippity Chick of your choice!

*** How about some SAMPLES?!!! ***
Click on the links below to see Ippity Chick creations
made with the NEW RELEASES!

Be sure to come back Monday and Tuesday
for MORE Ippity Chick creations with the NEW STAMPS!!


  1. I think Crystal Cantu lives closest to me.

  2. 1. Ola Velner from the Czech republic is the closest seller to me.
    2. And my favourite project from these blogs is from the 'Rona - ^Chick'. I love card making but her scrapbooking for little baby is so cute! It is simple, beautiful and she used ippity stamps in the right way.

  3. Oh, I am sorry. It is a card, not scrapbook. But it doesn't matter :)

  4. The locator is showing Meagan Mace in TN!

  5. monica gardner is the closest to me!

  6. Sabrina Lere will be my Ippity gal!

  7. Seriously go check out Jen Mitten's pear coaster that project is amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Her tag is quite inspiring as well...

  8. 1. Nicole Trudell is my closest chick
    2. I love the card that Maria Gunsy made AND the set she used!
    Liking the new releases, the dad shirt is pretty darn cool!

  9. That would be Ria, in Fairfield CT
    I really enjoyed them all, but JenMarie really inspired me. thanks for sharing :)

  10. 1. our dear closest chick is Ola Velner

    2. my favourite new release is from blog Jenny Johns and stamps New Season, New Wonder

  11. WOW! what amazing designs. Beautiful cards...
    I was shocked to see the closest to me is stephanie zito from SUDBURY,ontario...i mean there is never anyone remotely close, EVER to North Bay, surprising...Thanks for the great time hopping.
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  12. Oh i was so excited to have a chick close to me i forgot to mention what set i liked the most...well it's a hard decision but i think flowers/friends-pricless is the one i would use most BUT new season/new wonder is so eyecatching. TFS all.
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  13. Mary Friederichsen lives near me!
    I really like the card made with "Flowers + Friends = Priceless". I love the simple look of the flowers. This set is definitely being added to my wish list! Thanks!

  14. My favorite is Sarah's garden journal. She used New Season, New Wonder. I am a gardener, so I really appreciate her journal, and the stamp set. I love that Eva Dobilas live so close to me in Anaheim, CA. I'm so glad that you asked us to look up our closest Ippity Chick. I wonder if I can just pick up a set at her house so I don't have to pay for shipping...?

  15. Crystal Cantu is the closest one to me.

  16. I also loved Jen's a-PEAR-able card! Woot!

  17. Lisa, Schnauzermom is my ippity gal... closest to me :-)
    I'm going back to finish blog hoping to see all the samples

  18. ok, after seeing all posted so far.. Jenny J and Mary F are my favorite samples. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  19. Alexandrea Hughes in Australia is my closest Ippitty Chick, and I think I will be definitely contacting her to purchase the Flowers + friends = Priceless Set. The beautifully embellished scrapbook page here listed in the example projects has totally won me over.

    I hope you all have a great week and successful product release.

    Danie xxx

  20. I would have to say my favorite is Jenny Johns. This project was so creative and love how she put special messages on each of the sticks. This is one of my favorite sets. Thanks for a chance.

  21. OOOPS! I used the link and put my closest chicky's name in it! Can someone fix #19 for me? Sabrina in Spicer is my closet chick!

  22. I think I like The Best the best! But it is really hard to pick just one set!!

  23. Susan Bouchard in Tyngsboro, MA is the closest Ippity Chick to me!

  24. LOVED checking out all of the ippity chicks' inspiration! My favorite sets from this release? The Best and Flowers + Friends = Priceless. How awesome are those???

    And the project that inspired me the most was Elizabeth's center step card. Wow!! How beautiful. And her folds were perfectly executed, too. :)

  25. Oooo la la what a fabulous release!!!!

    1. Carisa Z. is closest to me (in fact we have GOT to meet up soon!)

    2. JenMarie's card is drop dead gorgeous and my fave!!

  26. Lisa Schnauzermom is my Ippity Chick!

    I love Crystal's framed art.

  27. Spicer, MN - Sabrina Lere is the nearest to me even though she is 209 miles away.

  28. LOVE...LOVE... LOVE JenMaries card!!!

  29. I think Kim Bell lives closest to me :)
    What fabulous creations & inspiration from everyone.. I am loving the new wonder fruit set & all of the creations with it really caught my eye. I also really loved Rona's layout with the fab flowers!! I love how she placed them on her layout. It looks gorgeous!!

  30. Pamela from Ohio lives closest to me.

    Truthfully, I was inspired by all of the Ippity chicks projects. Rona's layout really made me want to start scrapbooking again. I thought that 'New Season, New Wonder' was my fave, but now I am really loving that 'Flowers +Friends=Pricless" set that she used! Guess I will have to go shopping...again ;)

  31. Rona Mallard who lives in Jackson, MO lives closest to me.

    Carol B