Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{ippity} Matters ~ by Michelle Ogdahl

The SUN is SHINING today and has been hanging around for almost a full week here in Minnesota!! 
 I LOVE ITSpring FEVER is setting in BIG TIME for ME!! I think that SPRING has to be one of my FAVORITE SEASONS.  I can't wait for all of the snow to melt away.  I get so EXCITED for all of the birds to return so they can come and visit my bird feeders again.  The BEST part of SPRING is watching everything GROW and COME BACK TO LIFE!  The trees begin to bud again and eventually grow leaves...the ground will sprout new fresh GREEN GRASS.  My plants and flowers will also spring up and welcome a new season. 

It occured to me that the {ippity} opportunity is so much like SPRING!!  It is something that is BRAND offers the chance TO GROW without is like a breath of FRESH AIR.  It is something to look forward to each and every day.  Personal and financial offers NEW BEGINNINGS!!

I was checking out the {ippity} forum on Splitcoast Stampers site and I came across a post from Bonnie Rose Kempenich.  This warmed my heart as it is a personal testimony of how {ippity} has added growth and new beginnings in her life:

"Just wanted to share this..
since signing up with {ippity},
I've been having so much fun!
Love all the sets.. every one!

Well I just wanted to share,
because of this GREAT OPPORTUNITY,
I had enough money
in my paypal after some {ippity} sales,
 to buy for myself, the new March store kit!

If not for the {ippity} biz,
I would have had to say no..
but thankfully, I had the funds... and ordered it!

More rubbery goodness is coming my way,
and I couldn't be happier!

Being an ippity chick is so much fun..
and the extra money you make
 can just go for more rubber
ain't it great? LOL

I think I'm gonna need a bigger Studio! haha
Just wanted to share... Love you all!

If you're thinking about it.. I would say... go for it!!

It's really a lot of FUN and the stamp sets,
well.. we all know they are FABULOUS!

Just wanted to share...
so thankful I took the plunge
 and am an {ippity} chick
 with all of the other oh so talented ladies!
Thank you so much for sharing this personal testimony Bonnie!  YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!
If you would like to purchase any of our {ippity} kits, host a get-together with {ippity} or find out more about joining {ippity}- simply click here to see our entire list of {ippity} chicks.  They would LOVE to help you add a little {ippity} to your life!!


  1. Awwww thks Michelle... and you're welcome. I just wanted to share how I truly felt about this amazing OPPORTUNITY! This is the most awesome community of creative women ever.. so happy to be part of it! hugs to all of you.. xo

  2. Love your thoughts of Spring Michelle..and Bonnie what an inspiration!!!

  3. No one can deny Bonnie Rose's enthusiasm! It is like a breath of fresh Spring Air!! :-)