Tuesday, March 16, 2010

T{ippity} Tuesday...March 16th!

Hello everyone...Happy T{IPPITY} Tuesday!! It's Eryn posting this week's tip of the day!
REMEMBER to MARKET your business &
keep your customer's in the "loop"!!
Make sure people KNOW that you are selling {ippity} and be sure to keep them updated on:
and any other EXCITING news you may have to share with them!
HERE are just a couple ways to keep your customer's informed....

EMAIL is a WONDERFUL way to keep your customer's informed (& everyone pretty much has an email address these days, right)! You can just use your regular email account you already have set up and keep it sweet & simple OR there are some really great FREE EMAIL marketing programs you can use if you want to "fancy" them up. One that I have used is Mail Chimp! You can add graphics, detailed wording, etc...it's a pretty cool program if you ask me!!

check out JenMarie's
SUPER SUPER ADORABLE postcards she created! {and her adorable BLOG HERE!} THESE are PERFECT to: include with orders, to just hand out at craft events, and to send via snail mail! Vista Print has fabulous deals on marketing materials such as this!

& last but not least....DON'T FORGET to use your Facebook & Twitter accounts to keep your friends posted on your {ippity} news!

Thanks for stopping by...I'll leave you with a few marketing quotes...


  1. great tips... love Jen's postcards... yes, I've already ordered a few different kinds fr Vistaprint already.. they are coming any day now! Woohoo! And yes FB is a powerful tool.. been working great for me! hugs, thks for sharing Eryn.. all great ideas!

  2. Wonderful ideas Eryn! And Jen's postcard is soooo adorable...how could anyone resist buying? *smile* Thank you and have a fab {ippity} day!

  3. WOW...I love Jen's postcard, sooooo cute!!!

  4. Wonderful tips Eryn! Marketing is so important!!