Tuesday, March 2, 2010

T{ippity} Tuesday

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday!

It's me, Heather, and I'm super excited to bring you a TIP today!

A lot of people are often overwhelmed by starting any type of business
because they don't know where to start or
how to go about getting a customer basis.

A GREAT way to get things started
is to host your own workshop at your home.

This is very informal and doesn't inconvenience anyone
right away and also gives you a feel of customers you never knew
you had who you've known forever!

Here are some GREAT tips for hosting your first workshop!Just remember to have fun with it.
Offer beverages and make it so the customers don't feel overwhelmed or pushed.

Be sure they are having a good time and that
will help you to get more sales.

Remember: Less is More...Super big hugs and good luck with your Open Houses! Heather R.

Here are some links for Examples of Hostess Benefits
and Potential Kit Klubs...


  1. Heather what a great tip on a way to get a new Ippity business going!! It sounds like a home stamping party would be so fun!!

  2. Great Tip Heather..I'll have to go check out the links!! Thanks!!

  3. Heather, this is soooo awesome...love your tip and the links, too....I think if everyone follows those steps can have a successful business.

  4. Great tips, Heather and I am a HUGE fan of that Woody Allen quote! LOVE it! Hey...maybe you could make it into a stamp...hint, hint! ;)