Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flattering the Ever-Talented Eryn!

Hello there and welcome to this week's edition of 
Flatterday Saturday!!

This is Kelly here and I am so excited to have the pleasure of sharing some information with you about another one of our DT members.  This person came on the team with us from very early after the start of {ippity.}  She is incredibly talented and a very uplifting person!  

Today we are talking with the creative and sweet

Eryn Hagen

Many of you know her as one of the {ippity} DT girls, but she is so much more than that!!  I got to meet Eryn at CHA and immediately fell in love with her.  Anyone would... she has a smile that reaches ear to ear, a happy attitude all the time and a laugh that you will never forget!!  LOL!  

Eryn is such a cheerleader for the {ippity} team!! Plus she is a wonderful connection to have with the inside runnings of Unity and {ippity}.  I like to think of her as our "go to" girl when it comes to getting things done!!  But more than that I am honored to call Eryn my friend.  I hope that you all will have the opportunity to meet her some day and see what I mean.  She is a wonderful person with a positive spirit and a heart of gold!!  

I asked Eryn some questions and these are her answers in her own words...

·        Tell us a little about yourself. 

      Well...a little bit about me.  Hopefully I won't I won't completely BORE life is actually very simple and pretty non-eventful!  :)  I live in a very small town in central Minnesota, called Spicer. I LOVE this small little family is all within 5 minutes of eachother.  It is comfortable, easy going, and we have the BEST LAKE to hang out on ALL summer long!  I have 2 nephew's and 1 niece who keep us say the least.  I am currently not married but am completely head over heals in love with my boyfriend, Peter.  We have been dating for a year and a half and have had many chats about our future together...{he just needs to get me that dang ring!}  LOL!

{he doesn't EVER want to look AT the camera when we're taking photo's!!}

      My's hard to even call it a JOB!!! As many of you already know...I work for Unity Stamp Company/Ippity!  It honestly HAS to be ONE of the BEST jobs EVER!  I LOVE all the people that I work with, I love the INDUSTRY, I LOVE  the success of Unity/Ippity and I LOVE all of our customer's...what more could I ask for?  I am extremely a HUGE THANK YOU to all of YOU and everyone at Unity/Ippity!! :)   My official title is Assitant Marketing Manager...which basically means I work side by side with Angela {Owner & Creative Director} creating the look and feel that you see with Unity & Ippity!

{the Unity/Ippity crew at our ONE YEAR anniversary party LAST YEAR!}

Stamping Questions

·        How did you first get involved in stamping?

      I actually FIRST got involved with stamping after chatting with Angela {before I started working here} one night about this business that she started...she had a catalog in her purse & everything.  I was so amazed about this company Angela & Chris started...I decided I wanted to  support them right away and made my first stamp purchase through Unity Stamp Co!  THE REST, as they say, is HISTORY and I am now a STAMPING ADDICT. {but it's a healthy addiction, right!}  HA!  :)

·  What is your stamping style?

     hmmmm, I don't even know...what do you think???  I think it's kinda SIMPLE...but I don't know...maybe real.e.RANDOM!  ;)  

·        Tell us about your creative process

      I don't really have a "process." A lot of times I just need something to inspire me. I find inspiration in my everyday life...whether it be magazines {both crafty and "glamour" type}, blog surfing, shopping, or just items around the house.  And then I just GO WITH it....sometimes it comes together super quick...sometimes I struggle a wee bit!  It really just depends on how clear my vision is before I start!

·        What is your favorite {ippity} stamp set and why?

     ohhhhhh it's SO HARD to choose JUST ONE!!!  There are definitely images in every single kit that I love and intend to use over & over again.  But my MOST FAVORITE set is Where You Should Be.  {yep...Kelly AND Eva said the same thing!!} :) I LOVE this kit because I adore the sentiment, "You are right where you should be!"  That quote has so much meaning behind it....not to mention it is SO dang cute!  Plus the other stamps in this kit are super versatile...I'll be using this kit ALL year round!

·        How often do you stamp?

     It all depends on what's going on in my life at that time...ideally, I would love to stamp almost every night...BUT that just doesn't happen.  I would say I find the time to get crafty about 3-4 nights a week.

·        What does your craft room look like?

     messy. messy. messy.  :)  There really isn't any point in me even cleaning it anymore....1 project and it's back to a disaster zone!

·        What is your biggest paper crafting challenge?

     hmmmm.....I think like Eva...mine is finding the TIME!  I would LOVE to be able to stamp MUCH MORE than my life allows right now {and I don't even have kids yet!}!

For {ippity} Management/Employees

·        What is your title at Unity/{ippity}?

      Assistant Marketing Manager

·        How are you involved in the making of {ippity} stamps?

    Like I mentioned above...I work side by side with Angela & Michelle to create the look & feel of Ippity {and Unity} stamps!  Everything from helping {or should I say sharing my opinion} on the stamp creating marketing working with the graphic printing packaging & catalogs...etc. LOT'S of FUN stuff!  :) 

·        How long have you worked there?

     My TWO year anniversary will be in, time really DOES fly when your having FUN! ;)

·        Are you a crafter? Do you use Unity/{ippity} stamps outside of work?
     hehee...yep...but you already figured that out, huh!
·        Can you tell us a funny story about your boss? {Sorry Angela!}

     OH HECK yeah I can...YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!!!   So Angela was actually just telling me this story last week...we were sitting in our office crafting away on some cards that we had to create for a retail store. {oh my goodness I am giggling as I write this!}  She said..."hey, did you know that when I first started crafting...that I thought to get that worn & distressed look on my projects that I had to ACTUALLY START THE PAPER ON FIRE...and then quickly blow it out!!!"  HAHAHA...oh we sure got a kick out of that!!!  It was so funny!  Needless to say...she has discovered distress INK and works it pretty good in her crafty projects!  NEVER a dull moment at Unity...seriously!  :)

What can you tell us about your experience of being on the {ippity} DT?

OH one word I can describe it as AMAZING!!!  and AMAZING in so many different ways!!  FIRST of all...the opportunity to design for {ippity} is an honor all in itself...I am a so PROUD to be a part of the team!  The ladies on our team are all AMAZING...they are so talented, encouraging, FUN, genuine...and women that I truly can call my FRIENDS now!  I look back at my life BEFORE the {ippity} design team AND NOW, I couldn't imagine my life without it!  It's something I truly ENJOY and will cherish forever! 

{I had the honor of meeting Eva & Kelly at was a BLAST...I absolutely LOVE these girls!
 Can't WAIT to meet the rest of the girls IN REAL LIFE!}

·        If you were stranded on a desert island what are the three things you would bring?

     potato chips, my man, and COFFEE!!

·        What is your favorite quote?

     The  best way to predict the future, is to create it.  Alan Kay

·        If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

     To spread POSITIVE's amazing what a little positive energy can bring! :)

·        What would your dream vacation be?

     Have you seen the movie couples retreat??  My boyfriend and I headed to that resort would be a DREAM come true!!


  1. Oh Eryn!!!! You are so FUN and POSITIVE...just LOVE you girl! And I can't wait to meet you and hear that laugh :)

  2. It was so nice to get to know a little bit about you Eryn! One thing I love about you is your smile and always so positive! I hope one day I will be able to all the creative and inspiring Unity and Ippity peeps! Thanks for sharing the story about Angela too! Your card is just beautiful!

  3. Ohh...this was so fun to read about you, Eryn...I just love your positive energy, your beautiful smile, your LAUGH and not to mention your amazing talent in crafting!!! I am so glad I got to know you and call you my sweet friend!!! Love ya!!!!!

  4. so fun to hear more about ya... would love to meet ya too! xo

  5. OMG! that was the funniest story ever (sorry, Angela!). I'm seriously still laughing....I have such the image of her lighting that paper on fire and blowing it out! Toooo, funny! I love it! so happy to know you, Eryn! you are super talented, hope to meet you IRL, one day, too!

  6. love your card style, eryn!

  7. Eryn, you are one amazing and talented girl! I'm so in awe! Besides your talents you are beautiful inside and out and I so look forward to reading your comments on my blog! I wish you lived a bit closer so we could hang cause you are super funness wrapped in a whole lot of cuteness!!!