Friday, April 9, 2010

turning trash into treasure with my {ippity}!

Hello!!  It's Eryn here hanging out with you today...'s FRIDAY..which means a couple of great things...

1.....I get to pick 1 lucky winner that commented on Maria's FAB tutorial from yesterday's post {winner receives Because of You stamp kit, woohoo!}'s FRESH IDEA Friday...and I've got a fun little "box" so share with you!
3..... you can start signing up for Monday's H{ippity} Hop in our SCS forum
4.....I liked this quote I found this morning
To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being. - John Lubbock
5.....we're to the end of the work week & it's payday! {YIPPIE!, however, don't get me wrong...I do love & enjoy my job A.LOT!!!}

{of the because of you kit}
Carole said...
Totally LOVE your curtains - gingham always makes me feel happy. And I really love your layout too! Fabric is something that I stay away from in crafting but projects like yours certainly make me rethink my fears! LOL!  April 8, 2010 12:38 PM
{Carole, please email me at to claim your prize!}

& now my PROJECT for the day!
I forgot to take a picture of this tin box BEFORE I altered it!  But it was an ugly candy tin that I would have never used as is...but I just couldn't throw it away either.  I just LOVE trying to find other ueses & altering items you would normally just toss in the garbage.

It’s a personal goal for me to REALLY start to remember all of those important occasions in my friends & family’s lives…a quick little note off doesn’t take much time, and can certainly brighten anyone’s day! It’ll be even easier now that I have 1 place to keep track of everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

I couldn't have created this vintage "look" without the MUSIC background from the {ippity} kit Music to my Heart & my Tim Holtz distress ink!  Also, I just love the look of the journal box from Love in Return, I just stamped the edges of it so the journal lines didn't show!

For each month I have created a card - approximately 5.5. x 5.5 where I can list each occasion.  Then right behind that tab I can file cards that I want to use for those specific occasions, I will also have stamps all ready to go in here as well.  Should just take a quick few moments to write a sweet little message and send away! 

Here's a closer look...I didn't want to bore you with all 12 months so here's just a "snippet."
{okay, yep, you busted me...I really only have these 4 done...heehee.  BUT I actually ran out of that cute lace I was using AND I wanted to get a couple of hours of sleep lastnight, so I'll be finishing the rest this weekend!}  :)
Notice the {ippity} scallop borders...CUTE!!

I just love this color of my faves!

I used 4 {ippity} stamps on this card...can you spot them all???
{Those CUTE dots around the 14 are from the Snippity of Ippity set}
 I can't seem to get enough of those scallop borders from the Sweet Thoughts of You Kit!
I created the "calendar" portion in Photoshop...super easy since I can use the same one for each month.

Here's the TOP of the tin...just a reminder that a simple card could make someone's day brighter!

So not only did I use an old tin I had laying around the house...
but I also used a paper bag & my {ippity} Music Background stamp to create the main background for this project.  All my other supplies where items I had in my crafting stash...I didn't specifically go out and purchase anything to create this project! {don't you LOVE that!}

THANKS for stopping by...
ENJOY your day!


  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!! I LOVE this and will probably make something inspired by this! I have a CD calendar that I made for last year, but I would rather make one that can be used year after year like this one!!

    Your colors, stamps, layout, quote... everything is amazing on this project!! I LOVE it so much!!

  2. OH I forgot to say Congrats to Carole!!

  3. Congrats Carole!
    WOW! This project is just AMAZING. Love the color combo, details, stamps, and just your creative and inspiring MOJO! This is one great idea to keep up with all the people in your life. I might just have to make one for myself or if you don't want yours you can send it my way. LOL

  4. Hi guys and thank you soooo much. I just sent an email to Eryn and I'm still in shock because I never win anything. However, the real winner here is Eryn and this project with the card box it's completely to die for!

  5. Ok, now THIS is absolutely WOW! LOVE the craftyness of this project as well as your use of colors! Everything about this project is screaming at me to copy! Have a great weekend girlie and congrats Carole!

  6. wow, i'm speechless, this is amazing!

  7. Fabulous Eryn! Gotta love recycling things of that sort!

  8. WOW, WOW.....this so incredibly GORGEOUS!!!! The colors are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, so rocked this one girlie!!!!!!!!

  9. JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING :)
    And congrats Carole :)

  10. great project Eryn.. I love the kraft paper u chose for the calendars.. everything is fabulous! Yay for Carole!

  11. Eryn, this is so pretty!
    You have re-inspired me! I have said that I was going to do this so many times, and then.....well, it never gets done! This time it is going to!!
    Thank you for sharing and re-inspiring me!
    Have a Blessed weekend!

  12. Eryn, this is SO cute! and how creative you are! I love the idea of using the brown bag and all of your scallops are so adorable. Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Have a great weekend and congrats to Carole!

  13. very, Very, VERY cute! You have pulled out all the stops and rocked the ippity on this one!

  14. I love this idea, actually have a box that I can work with so here I go. Thanks fabulous project. Yipee! I am so excited to see a weekend project ahead of me.

  15. OH my gosh, is this just the most adorable project we have ever seen?!!! Eryn, you are so creative and this is such a handy darling tin to use! AWESOME! get back to finishing the rest of the months...we need to see them too! *smile*

  16. Absolutely amazing Eryn! This is gorgeous and I just can not stop looking at all the details!!


  17. What a great project Eryn!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! I love how you used so many stamps kits..this is awesome!!

  18. Wow Wow Wow this is fabulous - love the paper bag for the background too!!