Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tippity Tuesday- Using Email Campaigns to Promote Sales

Hello there and Happy Tuesday!!  

It's Kelly here today and I have a little topic to share with you today that you {ippity} chicks may not have thought of before.

Are you looking for ways to promote your {ippity} business and notify your past and present customers of your current sales?  If you answered yes to that question, you should consider making a newsletter that you can send out to your customer base in the form of an Email Campaign.

Here are a few reasons to consider Email as a tool for communicating with  your customers...

  • Email marketing is easy and not very time consuming.  There are even software programs that you can use or online companies that you can join to make it even simpler 
  • Email marketing is inexpensive.  There are no stamps to purchase or paper to buy or pages to print.  Some companies have fees for this service, but you can also send your own emails out free of charge.
  • Email is an instantaneous way to communicate with others.  
Keep in mind that your best customers are the people who have purchased from you before. So simply use the email addresses that you have collected from previous sales and begin sending out emails to them to keep them informed of what your sales blog has going on.  

To get your email to reach even more people, you might consider adding to the bottom of your newsletter a statement requesting your reader to forward this email to people they feel may also be interested in learning more about {ippity} stamps.  Offer an incentive to a client who refers a new customer to you!

Don't have any previous customers that you can mail to?   Why not ask for the readers of your blog to email you with their email address to receive a coupon of some sort and to be placed on your blogs mailing list.  Gradually your email list will grow.  As you continue to send emails about what you are offering on your blog, you will be increasing trust and familiarity with your contacts so that they eventually will  feel comfortable enough to place an order with you.

Now would be a good time to send out an email to your customer base and let them know that the new {ippity} releases are coming soon!  Let them know what type of promotion you are planning on having.  You also might be able to secure some pre-orders which will let you order in advance enough stamps so your customers won't have to wait for their stamps to arrive!

Here are a few Email Campaign Companies that you might consider learning more about...

Constant Contact (sixty day free trial period)
Easy Contact (sixty day free trial period)
Mail Chimp (free for up to 500 subscribers)

I hope that this might be a suggestion that could assist you in promoting your business. If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes for you!


  1. love this Kelly! What wonderful ideas...I definitely love the idea about emailing current readers to send you an email...and then in turn rewarding them with a coupon. FABULOUS!

  2. wonderful idea.. I use Mailchimp and love it.... it's a great way to get the word out!

  3. Great idea Kelly, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I Love this Kelly!!!!! Fabulous business building tool!!! Thanks for the great share!!

  5. Thank you Kelly!
    I need to figure out a way to get more followers and traffic to my blog....this may help!
    Have a great week, and Thanks again!