Friday, December 17, 2010

handmade ribbon using your ippity stamps....

fresh idea FRIDAY! 
hey's eryn here with you today to bring you a FRESH IDEA!  i actually posted this on my personal blog yesterday but thought it would be fun to show you again today...and with a couple more variations!  i created handmade ribbon out of some cream fabric and of COURSE my {ippity} by unity stamps...

i used the following ippity stamps:
dots for sure
gurnsey gingham
and the music note background from music of my heart...
get ANY of these singles/kits from your favorite ippity chick...

Locate an Ippity Chick!
 Eryn Hagen


  1. I just love the ribbon and love the stamps you used.

  2. This is a great idea! I have lots of scrap fabric! Will have to try this on some of my holiday packages!

  3. You are incredibly talented Eryn! Oh my, I love this idea...WOW!

  4. This a brilliant idea. Absolutely gorgeous!