Friday, December 3, 2010

Fresh Idea Friday - Loopy Bow

Happy Friday everyone...
hope you have FUN weekend plans!!
I FINALLY night with the hubby this weekend :)
Those are few and far between with three kids....I CAN'T WAIT!!
before I log off of cyber space for the weekend I get to bring you this week's Fresh Idea Friday!
I've had some requests lately on how I make my loopy bows...for lack of a better name.
The ones like these: They are actually SUPER easy to make and can give your project some extra flair!
I took some step by step photos because I'm a visual learner :)Start by pinching the bow into a loop.
Then bring the ribbon back around and make a loop on the other side. Then continue making loops back and forth as many times as you like...most of the time I find three is just enough.I like to keep the ribbon on the spool while I do this and then cut the tail when I've finished my loops.Then take another piece of ribbon and tie it where you fingers have been pinching the ribbon together.Pull it tight...but NOT too tight. You want to be able to play with the loops and get them the way you want them to look. Once you have pulled it really tight the bow will kind of want to twist and the center can look kind of funny. That's why I usually cover the center with a button :) I like to use silver cording or twine and tie one more can never have to many right ;)
Here is one of the bows on a card that I made.
I used the {ippity} stamps:
Gurnsey Gingham
Party Hat Wishes
Fall For You
These are some of my FAVORITE {ippity} stamps.
Do you still NEED some {ippity}?!?!
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  1. Thanks for a great tutorial one this cute ribbon. Your card is fabulous. Enjoy your date night.

  2. I love your loopy bows! It looks great on top of the tag!

  3. Love your loopy bows! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. i love your loopy bows and i can't wait to try it! thanks for sharing and i hope you have a wonderful date night. enjoy. i totally know how rare those are.

  5. Oeh, what a gorgeous bow this is, love the black and white and these loops are so pretty!
    Hugs, Wendy

  6. sweet bow! love that card and your bow is the perfect addition!

  7. I LOVE this bow!!! So lovely and your card is stunning Maria!

  8. Love the bow, and love how you used the gurnsey gingham stamp and didn't cover it it!