Thursday, December 9, 2010

How About a Frame?

Happy Hip Hop and Happy Thursday! It's me again, Lisa H. with you today.....hope you're not tired of seeing me here, LOL! It seems like forever since I've had a chance to post and then this week I'm here 3 days.....I guess it's like the 'ol saying......when it rains it pours. Usually I say this in reference to bad things, BUT there is nothing BAD about being here with {ippity}!!!

I ♥ this place!

and I looooove this project I've got to share with you all today. I had a plain wooden frame ($1 from Micheal's) sitting in my to-do pile, and I had this new paper, Indie Girl, waiting in the pile on my floor and of course all the new release {ippity} stamps stacked next to my desk all just waiting to come together.

Here's a quick HOW-To. If you have never altered a frame, let me tell you it's EASY and relatively quick to do. If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone special, this is always a HIT! That makes this fit our Hip Hop theme for the week-quick Holiday gift ideas. I spent a little over an hour creating this, and that takes into account drying time for my paint and modge podge.
Gather your materials: frame, modge podge, paper, stamps, ink, twill, and other embellishments.

Step 1: trace the shape of your frame on the backside of you paper. Make sure you check your patterns so you have them running the right direction (see my music notes......I forgot to do this, lol! oh-well!).

Step2: Cut out paper, distress edges (kind of helps hide any imperfections) and check that it fits your frame correctly.

Step3: use corner rounder on all corners

Step4: paint sides of frame. Don't worry about it being perfect, I like to just just paint enough to cover the natural wood, again leaving it a bit distressed helps blend any imperfections.
step5: stamp your images, cut them out, and then lay it all out on your project to get a feel of what you want the finished product to look like. step6: cover all paper pieces with modge podge, both front and back. this will act as the adhesive to the frame (put a coat on the wood, too) AND give your project a protective coating!
DONE! All it needs is a picture, still deciding on that one. Thanks for sticking around to see the finished project. Get this set, Here and Now, if you haven't yet! Lots of fun images and lots of ways to use them. Contact your {ippity} Chick TODAY!!! Don't have one????
Locate an Ippity Chick!
Check the list for one in your area......any of them will be more than excited to help you!
I've got one last thing to share today.....and that's
the winner of the Monday,
H{ippity} Hop comment. It's a random blog, and a random commentor. Lynn's blog was up for the pick and the lucky winner is:

Anne said...
Such a cute card! Love that tree!!
December 6, 2010 5:25 PM
Congrats, you win Fishy Philosophy!
Please contact Eryn ( with your info and prize.

Lisa Henke


  1. This is soooo fun! Love it and I am going to have to alter one of these frames soon. I just bought it, too...hehehe Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!

  2. I love your frame it looks fabulous, and yes it would make a wonderful gift!!

  3. beautiful frame something my daughter in law would love guess I am going to have to get busy now.

  4. This is a fabulous project for a gift! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  5. that frame is a great idea. I need to make more homemade gifts.

  6. Love your frame. I love when you share home decorating projects...they are my favorite!

  7. Saw this this project on your blog. Thanks for the detailed instructions! You frame and card turned out great!

  8. these make the greatest little gifts--thanks so much for sharing, lisa:) congrats, anne!!

  9. i'm obsessed with decorating wood frames. They are so easy and look great and you can make them to match any room!!

  10. I love your wood frame. What a great gift idea.
    olsond_d at digis dot net

  11. Thanks for a great tutorial on this beautiful frame.

  12. I just love this project so much!!

  13. Your frame is just adorable!! Thanks for letting me know that I won the stamp set:) I am SO EXCITED!

  14. i absolutely LOVE this idea - i have a few frames i want to alter. thanks for reminding me. how do the embellishments hold to the mod podge? i was wondering about that.

  15. Love this idea. So many wonderful ways to create your very own frame. Unity and Ippity has so many wonderful stamps to create one of these.