Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flatter-day Saturday

Hello, hello, it's time to meet our Blossoming Chick of the week.


So we asked Sabrina to share a little bit about herself and this is what she had to share.

I am a full time office manager for a real estate company. I am also a licensed Realtor. My husband and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary in May. We have a 7 year old son and a baby on the way! I enjoy volunteering for our small town community events and am the president of our local Commercial Club. 

I have been stamping for as long as Unity has been a company. I am lucky enough to be THE Miss Angela Magnuson’s neighbor and good friend. I never thought of myself as a crafty person. I am really the typical type A personality, analytical - always thinking and planning. When Angela told me about the new adventure she was going on, she gave me my first stamp set and I was in love. Working full time and being a busy mom I have not had a lot time to devote to crafting but it is a wonderful escape for me when I do get the chance.

 I decided to start selling ippity stamps as a way to encourage myself to get more involved in the wonderful craft world and to make myself take more time to craft. I would say my style is clean and simple. I like straight lines and matching accessories! Probably a type A thing lol. I have taken over our sun room for my craft space. I am pretty lucky it is a large room with large windows overlooking our backyard. It is a great space to work. 

My creative process is to look for inspiration on blog hops, magazines and out my windows, I then take about an hour to plan my project and 30 minutes to put it together! Sometimes it takes me days to find inspiration and plan it but the assembly is usually pretty quick.

My favorite quote is Happiness is something you create. – author unknown

And here is a pretty layout Sabrina wanted to share with us.  Isn't this so cute?

Thank you Sabrina for sharing about yourself with us and your talent!  It's been a pleasure "meeting" you!

Have a wonderful day ladies!  Hope you stamp something today!

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  1. nice to meet you, sabrina! your baby pic and page are precious:)