Friday, March 18, 2011

Cupcake Topper

Is anyone else CRAVING spring??
Colorado has been teasing us with Spring weather. Yesterday was 70's forecast SNOW :(
My least favorite combination.
Wanna know one of my FAVORITE combinations??
Cupcakes and CUTE {ippity} stamps.
Well...really cupcakes and ANYTHING...but today...cute stamps!
I'm planning on having my family over again this year for Easter and really want to cutesy it up. I've had this idea for cupcake toppers in my head and decided to get started. Yeah I know Easter is a month away but if I don't start now they will NEVER get done.
I have to admit I've never made these accodian flowers before but they were super easy.
A few tips:
**The tutorial I followed told you to score the paper every 1/4 inch. AFTER doing this tedious task where I ended up cutting the paper I ended up folding it...back and forth without score lines...Kindergarten style :)
**USE HOT GLUE...just saying. Don't hold things together and wait for the glue to dry...and then stubbornly try three more times. This 10 minute project will easily turn into a 45 minute project...don't ask me how I know this :)
**If you don't have a stick on hand to make these...get creative. I used a pipe cleaner.
**Paper piece the chick {or bunny} from the {ippity} set
{Sweet Thoughts of Spring}
for faster results.
Here is a closeup of the cute little topper:
I can't wait to see tons of these all lined up ready for kiddo hands.
Thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend!
Want MORE ideas for the {Sweet Thoughts of Spring} set...scroll down to Tuesday's post or {CLICK HERE} to see LOTS of great ideas :)
Maria Gurnsey

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  1. sooo cute and a GREAT idea! love your little touch to it....the gingham!

  2. Cute Maria!! Scoring these are tedious, but yours looks great doing it freehand!!

  3. So cute Maria! I am with you on the glue. That little thing just pops open over and over and over doesn't it? You may have heard me yelling at it when I made the whopping TWO I have made LOL

  4. this is very sweet, maria! i'll try the hot glue next time--anything to make these go faster:)

  5. ROTFL! Been ther! This is simply adorable!