Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's How Thursday!

Happy Thursday, it's Eva here to share a little Ippity Tutorial with you.

You know how those pretty doilies are everywhere and so adored by everyone?  Well, today I will be creating something with it.  So to start let me share the card I made with it.  Tell me, can you see the doily????

And now let's start the picture tutorial.

First you need this little cake doily, which you can purchase at Michael's or any of those type of stores and a pair of good scissors.

Then you cut into the middle of the doily and cut the middle out, just like this.

Next is a great tip I learned from my friend Irina this past weekend at her workshop.  To make sure that you can easily shape your doily, cut little "v"s into it, just like this.

And now, you are ready to glue, so get a good quick drying glue and start creating a little flower looking shape by gluing it as you go.  You will end up with something like this.

Now, here comes the pretty part.  Add some color by spraying it with Radiant Rain Mist by Creative Imaginations.  I used Key Lime color, which I love!

Finally to "doll" it up even more, adhere Diamond Dust to it and again, I just used my 450 glue for it and add your choice of flower in the middle.

And this is what you will end up you can all oooh, and ahhh....LOL.  But seriously, isn't this pretty????

And here is a close up of the card again for you to see the details.  All the papers are by Creative Imaginations,  Ippity stamps are from the Moment in Time set...just love this set!!!

Here is Moment in Time Ippity many possibilities with this set!  Cards, layouts, projects, anything, really.

Well, hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a FABULOUS day!

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  1. this is so clever and beautiful, eva!

  2. Love the doily flower! Beautiful card!!

  3. this is so gorgeous! what a clever use of a doily. This is my fave Ippity set.

  4. Guess I'm missing something but you didn't really say how you glued the doily after cutting out the middle and cutting the v shapes. Do you glue some kind of "tucks"? (Excuse my sewing vocabulary.) I guess I could just play around but wish the tutorial had been more complete.