Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{ippity} MATTERS
Posted by Michelle
It has been less than two weeks since the launch of {ippity}. 
WOW!!  That is what I have to say!! 
At {ippity} headquarters, we are excited, overjoyed,
inspired and elated with the response we have received.
Lots of early mornings until late into the night, spent answering questions,
jotting down YOUR ideas, feedback and suggestions.
 I am LOVING every MINUTE of it!!

 We are hearing over and over again,
"this is JUST what I have been waiting for". 
"This really is a ground- floor OpportUNITY",
 "no committments", "no requirements",
"my passion feels inspired again instead of limited",
and "no stress!" 
"It is an amazing value...18 stamp kits and 12 pieces
of double-sided paper for only $175-who wouldn't want to buy this??"

For me personally,
my heart is so soft for those people that are struggling to make it,
to keep their homes,
to feed their kids.  I truly believe that {ippity}offers
hope in a world that is filled with unemployment,
lay offs and downsizing. 
We LOVE that {ippity}allows the chance for people
to purchase high-quality stamps at a great price
and also an OpportUNITY to make some extra money
doing what YOU are passionate about!

We just want  to help.
For me, this isn't work...this is making a difference......
this is offering something MORE.
Has this impacted me...YES...
more than I would have ever imagined.
 As more excitement, feedback and personal stories
come into my inbox and are posted on sites...{ippity} continues to GROW!!

Wow...speaking straight from the heart.
I love {ippity} more and more
each minute...
it is an opportunity to improve someone's life
on any level.

Every Wednesday, one of us from {ippity} headquarters,
will touch on what MATTERS most with {ippity} that week :) 


First of about something FREE for YOU
that many of you thought would be fun to add to our {ippity} line. 
Maybe some {ippity} LOGO Stamps. 
ALL new orders placed from November 18th to November 25th
will receive a FREE SET of {ippity} LOGO Stamps
(they measure 1-1/2" to 2"). 
We will also be adding them to our line of {ippity} product for purchase.

More to come:

an{ippity}locator list (a list of everyone that is selling {ippity})
{ippity} Design Team Call...ALL details will be posted here on November 25th!!
Exclusive {ippity} handles
{ippity} WILL be at the Winter CHA Show in January!!
H{ippity} Hop ({ippity} Blog Hop)
Recognition for {ippity} chicks that are ROCKIN' with {ippity}

Don't forget to check out {ippity} on Splitcoast Stampers website!  Lots of great info and a Private Group for {ippity} chicks and {ippity} dudes (those that are on board with {ippity}!

THE TOP {ippity} FAQ'S 
(I will be updating the FAQ's tab with the complete updated list so be sure to check it out here)

**Starting November 23rd...the turn-around time for orders is 3 business days from the time we receive your order, until the time we ship it out :


  1. Yeah! Love the new {ippity} logo stamps!!! Looking forward to the upcoming events! Keep rockin'!

  2. YIPPITY!!!! Sounds like some super exciting stuff is coming our way. Thanks for working so hard :)

  3. Thanks for all your work and something new and exciting for us to venture into. It truly has been fun and exciting and I'm proud to announce that I had my first sale yesterday! Woot woot! Many many more to come!

    Heather R.

  4. All sounds great! Love the logo stamps... need some of them lol x

  5. Lovin' the logo stamps!! Yay!!

  6. Michelle, Thank YOU! For everything YOU have done and continue to do! YOU ROCK Girlfriend! Exciting!! :)

  7. Woohoo, love those stamps MIchelle! I can't wait to get everything! THANK YOU for keeping us all informed and answering our questions so quickly! Glad you are part of team! *smile*