Saturday, November 14, 2009

Psssttt, need some help???

First of all, let's all CONGRATULATE our very own ERYN on becoming the third {ippity} DT Chick!!! Hooray!!!!! Kelly and I are so excited and we all had a lovely conversation yesterday and plan on bringing excitement and fun to you in every way we possible can

Ok, {ippity} Chicks and Dudes...listen up...hehehe...It's Eva typing and I am here to give you a little helping hand. I know you are all excited getting your {ippity} kits and why wouldn't you???? This is just one awesome opportUNITY, isn't it????

Now that you bought your {ippity} starter kits, I hear that some of you need some help on setting up your Paypal buttons on your blog
s, so I am here to walk you through how to get that going, so nothing holds you back from running a successful {ippity} business.

Create your blog post, as usual with the pictures of the {ippity} sets you are selling to start out with and then you are ready to add your Paypal button.

Of course first you need to set up a Paypal account if you don't already have one. Below are the steps on adding the Paypal button:

1. Login to your Paypal account.
2. Click on the Merchant Services tab
3. Under Create Buttons section, click on "Add to Cart", which will take you the a screen, where you complete information about the item you want to sell.
4. Click on Accept payments for Products
5. Pick the
"Yes; create an “Add to Cart” button"
6. Enter your item name, like the set's name
7. Enter your item ID - I chose to give my items a number, and I started with 100, so my first set would be 100, next 101 and so on. This is important, if you want to track inventory.
8. Enter your Price.
9. Customize button - you can add that, just play with the options and see if you like what you see.
10. In the shipping section, add what is your shipping fee.
11. In the tax section, enter the % rate, if you you are charging that - you need to check on the regulation on that, I can't advise you on that.
13. If you would like to Track your Inventory
, you can do that in the Track Inventory section, but since you can always reorder your {ippity} stamps, you might not need to worry about that...hehehe
14. Next you want to click on the GOLD Create Button on the bottom, which will take you to the button code to copy and paste into your blog post under the picture of your set.

As a sample you can keep our {ippity} blog open, so you can compare the look of what you are trying to achieve. The great thing is, once you have created one button, you can go back to My Saved Buttons and just recreate a very similar button with a new Set Name, ID and Price, so you don't have to repeat all the steps, so it will go much quicker! So, that is all!!!

Anyway, I hope this helps you somewhat. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will be gone all day today, but will be checking later at night and try to answer as I can.

Tomorrow will be a fun day here, no more technical stuff, Kelly will be back with a card tutorial...isn't that so much more fun? But hey, this had to be taken care of, so you can get your business going quicker!

Have a fabulously
FUN {ippity} day!!


  1. Thank you, Eva! This was a hugely useful and informative post. Guess I have some work to do now.

  2. OK now I am not dreading this task as much as I was! This is awesome Eva!! Thanks partner!! :-)

  3. Eva, you are terrific for putting this on the blog! THANK YOU for your help!

  4. Sweet! Very helpful, thank you! :)

  5. this was GREAT information Eva!! THANKS for sharing! :)