Monday, November 23, 2009

Ways to start with {ippity}

So, some of you took the plunge and ordered your {ippity}, and have had some great sales already...whoohooo!!!!! Congratulations on the success!!! I know some people are still thinking about it, so today's post is for you. This is Eva and I just got a little bit of information passed down to me by Michelle, so I wanted to share it with you all.

Remember that awesome Starter Pack we started out with? Well, it's still available, and now we call it the Bundle Pack. It's only $175 and it's one great way of starting your {ippity} business. Now, if you don't remember what's in it, let me remind you.

Get your {ippity} Bundle Pack!
(click the above image for larger view)

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For only $175 (plus shipping) you get 2 of each of the kits shown above & 2 Add On Paper Packs from My Minds Eye.

IPK-100 Because of You (Your Price: $12 )

IPK-101 Kissmas & Mistletoe (Your Price: $9)

IPK-102 Simply Home (Your Price: $9)

IPK-103 Devoted (Your Price $12)

IPK-104 Just wanted to say... ( Your Price $9)

IPK-105 Straight from the Heart (Your Price $9)

IPK-106 Alphabetically Adorable ( Your Price $12)

IPK-107 Life's Little Moments (Your Price$12)

Now, if the Bundle Pack is not in your budget, we don't want you to miss out at all, so we are making {ippity} available to start with a stamp set at a time. You can start with just buying one of the stamp sets, in multiple or threes of course, so basically you can start with spending $27 + shipping, and you are in the {ippity} business!!!!

What other business can you get in with $27???? I ask you...hehehe...only {ippity}!!!! So, if you are ready, go to the Signup Page and start with your first set of stamps and create you little {ippity} empire one stamp set at a time! It's all up to you how big you want to make it happen!

So, the question is....Bundle pack? Or one, or few sets at a time? It's in your hand...again, what other company would be this flexible???? I hope you take advantage of his, you know the stamps are awesome, why wouldn't others want them? So, have fun with selling them!!! Remember that awesome feel of new rubber in your hands.....ready to ink up....don't you think others wouldn't enjoy that??? I know they would!!! :)

And at last, today I am sharing a layout I made using a couple of sets: Life's Little Moments and Kissmass and Mistletoe. This picture was taken last Christmas of us.

I used a technique I saw Miss Tanis using, which was stamping an image and punching circles and using them as a border. So I used the numbers collage stamp from the Life's Little Moments set and stamped it repeatedly on dictionary paper I had, then punched it out and used it as a border. Click on the image to see better. Hope you like it.

Well, that is all for today. Hope you find the post informative and give you some ideas of starting with {ippity}! And now I leave you with a very powerful quote, which I hope you think's one of those deep, meaningful quotes that sure deserves some least I think so...hehehe...let me know, if you do, too.

Have a fabulous {ippity} day!


  1. I just love it!!!! I am so excited to be creating this week my holiday cards using the Kissmas and Mistletoe stamp set! I just love the LO! It's beautiful :)

    That Daily Ippity Inspiration is awesome! Is is something that we can grab for our ippity blogs as long as we link back to here???? :)


  2. I love this layout!! Great use of the two sets. I just did my first scrap layout using my ippity and hope to have it up on my blog tomorrow. These stamps really are the best :)