Tuesday, January 26, 2010

T{ippity} Tuesday

How about another T{ippity} Tuesday Tip from one of our fabulous {ippity} chicks

Of course, the prices of YOUR klub are completely up to YOU. The best thing about being an {ippity} chick or dude, is that EVERYTHING is up to YOU.

To create a Kit Klub that works for you:
*consider how often you would like to meet
*adjust the Kit Klub membership to fit your monthly sales goals
*teach new techniques at each class
*offer the paper kits and ink pads as additional purchases or add them into the membership fees

An exciting part of having a Kit Klub is being able to offer new {ippity} sets every three months as they are released. Your customers will be just as EXCITED as you are to get the new stamps.


  1. This is one fabulous idea! Who wouldn't want to be ippity every month!

  2. Great idea Heather! I always intended to try this with SU but never did, so I may try it soon.