Tuesday, May 4, 2010


....and I just can't hide it!!!
Can you believe the NEW {ippity} releases will go
live next Thursday?!?
I'm SO EXCITED to let the whole world see the GORGEOUS stamps that the fabulous {ippity} designers have come up with...chicks you already know what I mean...right?!?! This has to be the BEST release yet!!

Oh...it's Maria here today :)

I'm bringing you my T{ippity} Tuesday tip and it's a really basic tip but one that even I forget about from time to time.
Obviously I haven't forgotten today :)

While {ippity} stamps are FABULOUS enough to sell themselves, sometimes someone may need an extra little push to make a purchase.

I'm sure most of you have been to homeshows from direct sales companies right?
Have you ever left feeling a little uninspired?!?
I mean you go because you love the product but sometimes the person selling it just doesn't make you feel a
connection with the products.
Okay, now how many of you have left with more stuff than you planned on because the person selling made you see that you couldn't possibly live without it!! I once bought WAY to much makeup from a lady (and stuff I NEVER even used) just because I was SO EXCITED about what she was telling me.

If you've seen the NEW release than you know what the excitement is all about...so why not share it with everyone you know!! If you are ENTHUSIASTIC about what you are selling, chances are your customers will be too!!

NOW is the perfect time to drive up the excitement with your existing customers and your soon to be customers.

Take the time to:
Email them with the release information
Send out flyers about the NEW stamps
Direct them to the {ippity} blog to see the peeks!


  1. Wait a minute! You mean you have to get people excited about Ippity? NO WAY! Well I guess if someone hasn't seen them yet...maybe. Can't wait for the peeks.

  2. MARIA....I can FEEL YOUR EXCITEMENT!! Counting down the days until the BIG ippity RELEASE :)

  3. Excited here.. I cannot wait to show all my customers and blog readers these new stamps.. wowza... watch out ppl... u better start saving those pennies, u are gonna want them all! These are great sets.. the best ones ever in my opinion! They just keep getting better and better and better and better and better......

  4. I'm excited to get mine and start cranking out the samples. I just wish I had more stamping junkies in my circle! Looks like I'll have to make some!

  5. This is a great tip Maria!! You are so right!! The good news is that it is hard NOT to be excited about Ippity stamps!! They are the bomb!! And this New Release is the best ever!!! I'm certainly excited about it!!

  6. woohoo...excitement and exciting news...woohoo!!