Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's Tip- Two Color Stamping!

Happy Tuesday to all my fabulous Ippity friends!!

This is Kelly here today and I had some queries this week about how I was able to stamp the sentiment you see below in two different colors.   You probably saw this card I made for last week's Hip Hop on my blog last Thursday so sorry for the repeat appearance. But it will serve the purpose in demonstrating the color process.  :-)

The sentiment I am using today is one of the fabulous sentiments from the new Ippity Spring Release set called Delightful Little Things.  There is certainly more than one way to get two or more colors of ink onto your sentiments and images.   (In fact Lisa H. uses her watercolor markers and the "huffing" technique,) but since I don't have any watercolor markers I use my Stamp-a-mjig and ink pads!

Here is a quick tip (actually a tutorial) on how I do it!

Gather your supplies.  My technique requires the stamp-a-majig and 
I like to use a Post-It-Note (you can use several for larger images!)

Start by stamping your image on the stamp-a-majig plastic piece.
{I thougth my card used brown and not black ink, so pretend I am using black!! LOL!)

Stamp the image onto the Post-It Note.

Carefully remove the words that you want to show up in your accent color.  
Try to cut it in such a way that your Post-It Note will remain intact.  Use tape if you have to.

Place your Post-It Note onto the surface you want to stamp.  
Carefully line up the stamp-a-majig over the image on the Post-It Note.  

 Using your accent color, stamp the image again over the Post-It Note.  
The color will only show up on your paper where the words have been removed.  
DO NOT remove the Post-It Note yet!

Apply temporary sticky to the back of the words you removed.  
Now replace them like puzzle pieces back into the holes on the Post-It Note.

Carefully remove the rest of the Post-It Note leaving only the words you just replaced.

Line your stamp-a-majig back up over the two words showing.  
And stamp your sentiment with the second color you want to use.

Remove your the remaining pieces of Post-It Note and Wala!!  You did it!!  :-)

Now all you have to do is have fun finishing your card!!

Are you interested in getting the quote stamp that I used today? 
Well you can get this whole quote kit called 
Delightful Little Things 
by contacting an Ippity Chick today.

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  1. I just love this card and quote. What a great way technique and you make it sound so easy. Thanks for the tutorial and tip.

  2. that is awesome! i love your tutorial today. i need to get some removable adhesive so i can try this!

  3. OMGOOOODNESS! I love how you told me how to do this! I am always using small ink pads to reach into the hard places and messing up the inks! TOTALLY NOTE TO SELF:) Love it! TFS!

  4. Savannah,

    Don't you mean "POST IT" Note to self!! LOL!!!

  5. ohhh this is perfect, I was so wondering how you did that on your card and was thinking that you used a marker...I LOVE this and am going to try this FOR SURE!! THX so much Kelly!!!

  6. thanks kelly for the tutorial-i'll try this! beautiful card!

  7. Awesome Kelly Thanks for Sharing! :D

  8. Ohhh..this is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome tip!! I really need to find that plastic sheet for my stampamajig..hehhe

  9. Kelly, Loved seeing your project again!!
    Your are Very Clever!!
    I love this tip and will certainly be using it in the near future!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Awesome Kelly!! I need one of those stamping thingies, cause I just love your tutorial on it!! I love seeing this card again..so gorgeous!!

  11. the SAMJ is my FAVE tool! LOOOOOVE it!