Saturday, May 29, 2010

Say Hello to Cassie Medema

Now that we have gotten to learn a little more about each of our amazing design team members, I am excited to introduce you to Cassie Medema.  

Cassie is one of Ippity's stamp designers, as well as, the creative mind behind the design of all Ippity (and Unity) packaging.  So many customers ooohhh and aaahhh over the adorable packaging even before they look at the design of the stamps.  I may know of someone who can't stand to throw it away because is so gorgeous!!! *me*

After getting to know her a little better, you can tell she fits in perfectly with the Ippity and Unity family.  She is fun, funky, sweet and full of CREATIVITY!!!!

I asked Cassie a few questions so we could all get to know her a little better.

Tell us a little about yourself. 
I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD. Leading up to college, I had all sorts of design-y jobs: creating floral arrangements, processing photos and retail interior design. I also drove a school bus while attending college for extra cash (I am still a proud CDL holder, with endorsements for passengers and air breaks, thank you very much.) After moving away for 4 years to major in advertising and graphic design in college, I graduated and moved back to Sioux Falls. I got my first job at an advertising agency downtown in SF and got married (to my high school sweetheart) a few months later. After about a year and a half, my husband Dave landed a job that moved us up to Minneapolis. So I quit my agency job in SF and began to work freelance design jobs everywhere in MPLS. After a year up there, Dave's job shipped us back to SF where we've been since! And freelancing was going so well I couldn't bring myself to have a 'real' job ever again. We bought an old two story house a few months later in a historical neighborhood in the central part of the city - just minutes from our charming downtown. THEN a little over a year ago - I convinced Dave to quit his boring insurance job and program websites for me. We are called Funky Fresh. ( We make logos, brochures, booklets, websites, banners, custom blogs, etc. I was 10 months pregnant at the time we started full time. It was a crazy decision but it is working out so well. He does all the business-y selling, client meeting, web development and I just get to make things pretty. Two months after we started Funky Fresh - we were introduced to our greatest design/creation yet. His name is Evan and he is the best thing ever! (insert other gushy mom things here :o) 

Tell us about your creative process
I've been told that my design style is simple, organic and unexpected. I like to think that my design style is the result of daily experiences with people, places, color, texture and pattern. In some way, all of these things inspire me to actualize the chaos of imagery swirling around in my mind. 
What is your title at Unity/{ippity}?
I believe I am a "Unity Artist". Although I started with Angela creating stamp designs, I have evolved into creating the heart of the main graphic design for the entire company. From the logo to the website to the packaging that your stamps come in. 
Can you tell us a funny story about your boss? {Sorry Angela!}
I met Angela over two and a half years ago via Craigslist! It was back when I was freelancing up in Minneapolis. I answered her post requesting stamp art on a whim. We met at a book store coffee shop and after we talked about stamp designs I casually mentioned I am a graphic designer by trade and asked if she also need a logo?, and a website?, and marketing materials? and and.... :o) So not really a funny story, just a really cool connection. 
Do you do other artistic mediums (like painting or pencil work)?
I love to screen print, paint, organize (yep!), dumpster dive, attend local music shows, collect business cards and laugh at jokes :o)
Which Ippity stamp sets did you designed?
Delightful little things

What sort of goals or ambitions do you have?
To be someone who makes new things. To live simply.
I love to think in terms of appreciating what you have instead of always wanting more stuff. A clutter free home makes for a clutter free mind. I typically can’t concentrate on design if there is a mess around me. I also can’t be in a messy room for more than 24 hours without cleaning it and organizing it to perfection.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A professional house cleaner (see above.) I would also offer furniture re-arranging, as that was something I mastered in my own bedroom sometime during my middle school years.

Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself Cassie.  It is so fun to learn about the amazing people behind the scenes who help make Ippity such a fabulous company. 

~ Lisa Arana ~


  1. Hello Cassie,
    It was great to get to know you and I just love your outlook in life and your creative style. Love the chance you and your husband took and how this adventure has been a amazing one.

  2. wow! so cool to meet Cassie. what great insight. Love the desings-keep up the great work.

  3. love your story, cassie and i have your stamps:) love them!

  4. Great interview! Interesting to get to know the designer behind the designs!

  5. Cassie, it was so enjoyed reading about you and I love your designs! How fabulous is that you and your husband found a way to have your own business and be successful at it. Something I totally admire!

  6. How nice to get to know you Cassie!! It makes your stamps come to life that much more by knowing more about you! Thanks for sharing more about yourself with us! And Lisa.. thanks for the write up!

  7. THANK YOU LADIES! you are all too sweet :o) i just spent the last hour checking out all of your blogs and beautiful creations. SO AMAZING.

    thanks again to Lisa for the post feature - hurry up and come visit SF so we can go have coffee!