Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{ippity} Matters and SNEAK PEAK #3!!!

{ippity} Matters

        ~by Michelle O.

Butterflies, preparation, anticipation and TONS OF EXCITEMENT!!! That is how I am feeling today as I am getting ready to leave tomorrow, bright and early with Angela, for the Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, CA! I can't wait to meet some of our AMAZING {ippity} DT members and {ippity} chicks that are planning on attending the show :) We have spent LOTS of time preparing for the BIG RELEASE of {ippity} in California and we have a SUPER CUTE booth, {ippity}make-n-takes and the unveiling of our NEW {ippity} 2010 Winter Collection. I have butterflies just thinking about the outcome of this show!! YAHOOO!!!

SPECIAL SALE!! If you are already ENROLLED with {ippity} are going to be THRILLED to know that we have a special SALE, just for you, when you purchase the NEW {ippity} 2010 Winter Collection. All of the details will be posted on our private {ippity} site this week! You will be able to PREORDER and receive the NEW product line, before the RELEASE PARTY on February 15th! This is just another bonus for enrolling with {ippity} if you aren't enrolled....NOW WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO JOIN ALL OF THE [ippity} FUN!!!

How about another little SNEAK PEAK?? This was a FAVORITE among the {ippity} team-so much so that it is the focus of our {ippity} booth for CHA!!

Alright, that's all for now....this {ippity} chick needs to finalize some details, get packed and then gear-up for some WARMER weather in California and some serious {ippity} FUN!!!!


  1. LOVE that! What a PERFECT theme for the ippity booth! Can't wait to pre-order! I have butterflies just thinking about ALL of those new stamps arriving at my door! EEEEEEK!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Likin it so far! That is so cool to have a booth at CHA! Are you guys next to UNITY? Hope everyone has a fabulous time.

  3. OMG! I love it! I cannot wait to start shopping!
    Have a great time at CHA! We can't wait to get the report and to see some pictures-hint, hint!


  4. Oh Michelle, have SO much FUN!!!! I can't wait to see pictures :) I will live vicariously through all of you wishing I was at the show..LOL! Be safe and have a great time!

  5. I'm super excited to go to CHA and help out at the Ippity Booth! Eeek! I would say I am gearing up for warmer weather, but from what I hear it is non stop rain and cold! Not much better than home! Ickies!

  6. Love this peek! Have a safe and fun time at CHA Michelle and all the {ippity} and Unity gals (and boys)! Will be waiting for the pic's to see what's going on at CHA...don't forget to post!

  7. oh this is a great sneak.. I can't wait to see all the stamps in February. Have a great time at CHA Michelle, we will be looking forward to stories and some pics!!

  8. hoooooooray:) Love the sneak peeks--esp. since I got my email! I want to go to the CHA--take lots of pics;)