Friday, January 8, 2010

Fresh Idea Friday by Michelle

Hi everyone! Michelle (Woerner) here with your Fresh Idea for today!

Well, my Fresh Idea is quite literally -FRESH -it is.....


Yep, you read correctly, do not adjust your screen - I said BABY WIPES!! Seriously, I use these guys for EVERYTHING. I buy them in bulk from Costco (their own Kirkland brand) and keep a box in the bathroom:

  • they are perfect for removing makeup on those late nights with sick kiddos
  • they make great mini "wet swiffers" on the floor
  • and they help to clean up after 3 boys -sink, counter, the... ahem...toilet area

I also keep a box in the car:

  • can you say "coffee spills"?
  • messy hands
  • chocolate on little faces
  • ...well you get the idea

BUT, there are lots of great uses in the STAMPING AREA too!! I mainly use them to clean my stamps, both rubber and clear.

GASP! I said it!

I clean my stamps with baby wipes -LOL! There were a couple controversy threads on SCS years ago about potentially drying out the stamp, but I have never had a problem and have been doing this for years.

THEY ALSO CLEAN UP GLITTER! Granted, I don't use glitter that often (waaaaay too much of a neat freak) but when I do I use them like crazy to clean up my stamping mat, hands, pants, punches and where ever else the glitter drifted to.

And last but surely not least, they clean up all the paper dust stuff that just seems to accumulate around the stamping area.

Man I LOVE baby wipes!

I keep mine directly under my stamping area, right by my legs, immediately under my right arm -yep, prime real estate! Here they are in all their glory:
Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed my tip. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooo! I don't use glitter because nothing seems to get it cleaned up! Thanks for the tip because I have TONS of baby whipes around here too and I LOVE the look of glitter! Hugs Michelle!

  2. Yay for baby wipes. I love them too.
    I have to restock though. Now that my kids are bigger I keep forgetting!
    And YES, I use them on my stamps too.

  3. your not alone, michelle-i use them to clean my stamps, too!

  4. Baby wipes are the best! I LOVE the idea for using them on the swiffer! WAY cheaper than the wet swiffers and perfect for quickly cleaning up little problem areas. I have 3 boys too, and I am seriously thinking about putting plexa glass on the wall by the toilet!

  5. ohhh this is a WONDERFUL tip Michelle...I'll be for sure picking up some baby wipes on my next trip to target! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Michelle, I LOVE Baby wipes too!! I ran out recently and haven't stocked back up yet!! I miss having them at my reach in my stamp area!! I need to go get some right away!! Thanks for reminding me!! Great post!

  7. I too use baby wipes for EVERYTHING. I don't have a Costco, but I do have a sam's, and their member's brand works just great and comes with the plastic top to open and close so you don't need a reusable box! Love that! Great post!

  8. oh yes I have them here too. love an easy clean up ofstamps and crafting area

  9. I so agree with you Michelle, I use them all the time too, for everything. Even when they dry up I just wet them with water and they are good to go again. love you tips.

  10. I also use baby wipes for cleaning stamps in a hurry.

  11. This is one fabulous it!!!

  12. I use baby wipes for everything as well!! THE best invention EVER...hands down!!! I despised the wet facecloth in a ziplock bag as a child and vowed NEVER to do that to my kid!! OH the humanity!!!!!!!! 3 cheers for baby wipes!!!!

  13. LOL Emily! Make the boys start cleaning their own toilet. You'd be surprised how fast their aim improves, KWIM? I swear by diaper wipes and use them for everything. They're great for getting stains out of the carpet too. I even carry them in my purse, have a pack in my car. They're everywhere!