Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's time for a tip Tuesday!

It's Tippity Tuesday!!

Kelly here with a suggestion on increasing traffic to your sales blog!

It's a simple one... it's a no brainer, but my tip for you this week is to  participate in the weekly blog hops!  We call them H{ippity} Hops, and they occur on every Monday!  By participating in the weekly blog hops, you will not only get totally inspired to go and use your {ippity} stamps, but you will also bring people to your blog who have possibly never been there before.

Think about it.  Suddenly all the people who Follow any of the blogs that are participating in the blog hop are your potential customers.  So you have just increased your potential customer base from only the people who usually visit your blog, to the number of people that visit all the blogs that are participating!  That's a big increase!
So how are you going to get these visitors to buy from you?  Well I can tell you something that I have tried the last couple of weeks that  has led to sales for me.

The card or project that I create to show on my personal blog for the H{ippity} Hop is also showcased on my {ippity} sales blog.  It is a nice way to show people how the stamps you want them to buy can be used.

Then, I offer a promotion of sorts that includes the stamp set that I used for my blog hop project.  I either offer a "buy one get one at a discount" special, or just offer a sale price for the promo'd set!  This is where you can be creative!  You know what it takes for you to decide to make your purchase.  Why not offer that for your customers.  The wonderful thing about {ippity} stamps is that you have some room to play with your profit. 

You might keep your prices stable but instead offer to pay for their shipping, or split the shipping with them.  Either way, be creative and think of good deals that your potential customers just can't pass up!

So,  on Fridays, be sure to sign up to participate int the H{ippity} Hops on each Monday and start increasing the flow of potential customers to your blog!! 

But most importantly, have fun... it is the essence of {ippity}.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting! 


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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing these. And in addition to the marketing advantage of the blog hops, you also get to participate in all of the FUN!!!! This past week was my first one and it was great! (Although I have been so busy that I am still working my way through all of the blogs :(