Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shaped Card Tutorial

Hello there!! This is Kelly today and I am still reeling from the amazing week I just spent at CHA with all the wonderful Unity/{ippity} peeps!!  We had so much fun and really got a lot of great exposure for {ippity}.   I am so excited at the prospects of this just getting bigger and bigger!!

I am here today with a tutorial for you on how to make the shaped card that I posted for this week's Hippity Hop Challenge! I made a card in the shape of a house by using an {ippity} stamp and I want to share with you how easy it was!

 The house shape for this card comes from the house in the Devoted set.  Follow the directions below and you can turn any of the image {ippity} stamps into cards too!

How to make a Shaped Card from a Stamped Image

Step 1

Start by stamping the image you would like to turn into a card shape onto white copy paper using black ink.  It doesn't have to be this house stamp, but something that can be turned into a card.

Step 2

Next scan your stamped image on your printer and save it as a picture file.  If you don't have a scanner, you can take it to your local office supply store.

Step 3

Now open up a program that you like to use to edit your photos or make presentations.  I prefer to use Power Point.  Start a new page and then insert the photo you just stamped into it.

Step 4

Using your program draw a temporary rectangle or square using the tools in your program.  Resize this object to the approximate size you want your finished card to be.  This will be used only for a reference for you to know how large to resize your stamped image.

Step 5

Now you simply adjust the size of the scanned stamped image to fit onto this temporary box you created.  If you use the corners to drag your image, you will maintain the proper proportions of the stamped shape.

Step 6

Once you have your image resized to the desired shape, simply print the image out onto copy paper.

See how much larger the new copied image is compared to the original stamp size?

Step 7

Now roughly cut out the shape you just printed and place it over the piece of cardstock that will become the shaped card base. Be sure that the image fits properly before cutting.

Step 8

Fold you card base in half and with the image hanging over the folded edge, begin to cut out around the enlarged shape.  You might like to use a bit of repositionable tape so that your image doesn't shift as you cut.  Cut all around the edges except those on the folded size that are overlapping.

Step 9

Now you should have a folding card that is the same shape as your stamped image! Isn't that neat. It is a perfect match, just larger.

Simply decorate the card as you see fit and you are all done making a shaped card that matches one of your stamps!  Easy peezy right??  I hope you will give this a try and be sure to upload it to the SCS {ippity} Gallery so we can all see what you did!!

Stop by my blog later today where I hope to have some CHA photos uploaded for you! I am so happy to be home and thrilled to be back in my normal routine! I missed seeing you guys on the forums!!

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Welcome back and glad you had a BLAST with all the peeps! I just love this house card and your tutorial was fabulous. I'm going to have to try this trick.

  2. Such a clever girl Kelly! Love this!

  3. kelly, this is awesome, girl! thanks so much!

  4. Very cool Kelly, I still have to make my card and this will be a perfect thing to do. Awesome!!

  5. OMG!!!!!! How cute is this Kelly!!!! You totally rocked this shaped card!!!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great time at CHA and returned home safe & sound! LOVE your card and thanks for the tutorial-very clever!

  7. SHUT UP! this is wonderful, never would have thought to do this! looks fabulous, too!