Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flatter-day Saturday

Happy Saturday it's Stephanie here and I am so excited today because I get to Flatter the One and Only Michelle Bertuzzi. Michelle is super talented she if founder of CardPatterns a fabulous Sketch Challenge Blog and not only that She is an amazing Illustrator!!! So let's get right to it and find out a little more about this fabulous Lady!!!!!

General Questions

· Tell us a little about yourself{family,location,background,job,kids,etc}

I’m a SAHM, Filipino-Japanese living with my 2 boys (soon to be 4 and 6) and my shy husband in Calgary, Alberta Canada. By trade, I’m a Psychology graduate and also Computer Programmer but I’m more than happy to be a boo boo kisser by chosen profession.

Stamping Questions

How did you first get involved in stamping?
It was 2008 when I first bought Stampin Up from a garage sale. I didn’t really get into stamping until early 2009. And that’s also the year when I first purchased my Unity February 2009 KOM. There’s no going back.

· What Is Your Stamping Style

I like to do a lot of paper piercing and like to create borders or pattern from stamps. I love CAS style but I’m leaning towards vintage lately.

· Tell Us About Your Creative Process

Creating the layout, combining colors and patterns are always the slowest for me but once I know what I want, I just roll. I’m a visual person and I try to bring out all the papers and embellishments I want to use then start creating. I like to use a lot of chalk, coloring pencils, distress or ink every possible edge of the paper.

· What Is Your favorite Ippity Stamp Set and Why?

There are so many beautiful ippity stamps. I don’t even know where to begin!

· How Often Do You Stamp?

I’d take any chance I can. However, I do make something at least once in a week or every couple weeks. But again, I try to make as much as I can.

· How Long does it take you to make a project you are happy with?

Depends. If I know what I want to do and the patterns I need to use, it usually takes me 15-20mins per card. Some cards could take me an hour just because I can’t decide. However, I leave it overnight & look at it the next day to see if I need to do some touch ups or add embellishments. It’s always good to start with less because you can always add to it, but it will usually destroy your project if you take less embellishments or paper. The adhesive will always create a stain on the project and your project will look horrible.

· What does you craft room look like?{messy,clean}

Always always messy! We have a bonus/family room where I share my craft room with my husband’s home theater/game room. I have a 6’ table that’s always piled with craft or sewing supplies. My craft storage/cupboards though are always clean and organized. It’s just my work table that’s always messy.

· What is your biggest crafting challenge?

Starting/deciding on a project is what’s always challenging for me and finding the time to do it. I’d take any chance I could but we have a busy household so I try use my time wisely.

· How are you involved in the making of Ippity Stamps?

– I illustrate for Unity Stamps (sister company of Ippity) and sometimes, my drawing could be chosen for Ippity release.

· How long have you worked there?

– I started illustrating for Unity of August last year (I think). :P

· Are You a crafter?Do you use Unity/ippity stamps outside of work?

- Yes I do use Unity and Ippity outside of work. .

· Can you tell us a funny story about your boss?{sorry Angela}

- Unfortunately, I haven’t met Angela in person. How a delight that would be! We’re both positive that it will happen someday. I’m sure it’d be a riot. We keep our communication line open. Angela is not only a great boss but she’s also a great friend. She’ll tell you what’s on her mind, encourage you and she will always make time for you -no matter how busy she is.

Thank you so Much Michelle for letting us Flatter you today it was such a honor!!!

Here is a fabulous card Michelle made using some of the fabulous Ippity stamps that she illustrated!!!


  1. It so fun to get to know Ippity peeps. Thanks for sharing a little bit about you Michelle. Your card is just beautiful and love your creative style.

  2. It is wonderful to get to know you Michelle.. such wonderful talent. love your card!!

  3. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I'm so humbled being featured here with all your talented ladies!