Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flattering Tommy T!

Hi guys this is Kelly writing to you from CHA in Chicago!  I have had the pleasure of hanging with the Unity Peeps for the last few days and have spent some time with Tommy T!!  So, it is my pleasure to get to introduce him to you today!!  He is a real sweetie and lots of fun to be around!  I am having a blast and am so thankful for the opportunity to be here!!

So without further adieu, here is Tommy T!!!

• Tell us a little about yourself. {Family, location, background, job, kids, etc.}

My name is Tommy and and I have worked at Unity for three years and am a Production Team Member there.  I live in Spicer, MN with my family.  My background is in the furniture restoration and construction business.  I enjoy riding my lime green dirt bike, sailing on the lake, target shooting, playing guitar and writing music and cross country skiing.

Stamping Questions

• How did you first get involved in stamping?

Through working at Unity and at the TradeShow. [Tommy is awesome at Make n Takes and the ladies love it when he mans the table!]

• What is your stamping style?

Clean and Simple.

• Tell us about your creative process

It just flows out of me. 

• What is your favorite {ippity} stamp set and why?

Fishy Philosophy, because they are cute and I love to eat fish!

• How often do you stamp?

Bi-annually at the TradeShows!!

• How long does it take you to make a project you are happy with?

As quickly as humanly possible!

• What does your craft room look like? {messy, clean, etc.}

I don't have stamp room, but my craft room contains musical equipment.

• What is your biggest paper crafting challenge?

Coming up with an original idea.

For {ippity} Management/Employees

• What is your title at Unity/{ippity}?

Production Team Member

Christian, Tommy and Ryan

• How are you involved in the making of {ippity} stamps?

I am involved in the entire stamp process beginning with cooking them, cutting them, packaging them and shipping them.

• How long have you worked there?

Three years, I was second one on board the team!

• Are you a crafter? Do you use Unity/{ippity} stamps outside of work?


• Can you tell us a funny story about your boss? {Sorry Angela!}

It would be really hard to single out just one!

Just for FUN Questions

• What song best describes you?

"Fuel" by Metallica

• If you were stranded on a desert island what are the three things you would bring?

A knife, a guitar, and flint to start a fire with.

• What is your favorite quote?

"This too shall soon pass."

(Exhausted after a long drive from Spicer to Chicago and then a full day of setting up the booth!)
• What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Fruits, vegetables, Ham and eggs!

• If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I wouldn't want the responsibility of being a Superhero, but I would like the powers to relax people. 

• If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

The Quest for Peace

• What would your dream vacation be?

To have one week just to do whatever I wanted.  The location does not matter.

Well we have to head back to the last day of the SuperShow, so that is all we got!!  Have a wonderful day and we will talk to you soon!!

Hugs!!  Kelly


  1. It's great to get to know Tommy! What a fun and interesting guy! I just love the pics you shared with us.

  2. Great to see you this week, Tommy! You are always so fun! Thanks for helping me with my pinwheel make and take! See you in September! Hugs!

  3. Fun post and fun to see Tommy at the guys were all great : )