Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Happenings...

A couple weeks back we mentioned some CHANGES 
were coming to the {ippity} blog.  I'm excited to announce 
that the changes start NEXT WEEK.

Next Tuesday, we will have our first Ippity Blossoms.

We are so excited because we want you all to meet 
EVERY Ippity Chick.  

On Tuesdays, our Blossoming Chick will be able to show off 
her Ippity creation and share all about her Ippity business.  
Then on Saturdays, we will Flatter her 
to learn even more about her.  

You will be able to get to KNOW all our fabulous chicks.

It is an EXCITING time.  
We want our Ippity women to grow and to shine! 

We can't wait to get started.  Do you want to be apart of Ippity Blossoms????  
If you are an Ippity Chick, then all you have to do is sign up in 
our special Ippity Forum for Ippity Chicks on SCS.

Want to be an Ippity Chick???
Click HERE to find out how!


Locate an Ippity Chick!

Lisa Arana


  1. This is so exciting. Can't wait to meet the Ippity Chicks and to see all their creative Ippity MOJO!

  2. love this idea and the names..."ippity blossoms"...so cute!

  3. Oh, very nice, it's always great to get to know more about the person behind the cards, stamps and blog! Looking forward to it!