Tuesday, December 29, 2009

T{ippity} Tuesday-And We Want YOU!!!

Hello, Hello! It's me, Lisa, with my first contribution to the {ippity} blog! Yippeee!!!! We've been doing some talking and decided that we want to hear from all of you, {ippity} chicks!!!!
While we hope you're enjoying reading our Tuesday Tips and that you are learning a thing or two from them, we know there are many more great ideas and tips out there and you've got them. So we are asking you to email us with any {ippity} tips you think are worthy of sharing.
One thing to keep in mind is that your tips don't just have to be about using {ippity} stamps. They can be about selling {ippity} stamps, organizing your {ippity} business, sales techniques, encouragement and what have you. Just think of anything that you think could be helpful for the {ippity} chicks!
Please send you tips to me, Lisa, at lik@cinci.rr.com. I will compile the tips and if we use your tip we will let you know and of course give you credit and post a link to your sales blog, too in the T{ippity} Tuesday post!
We look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day! Hugs, Lisa


  1. Oh I know our {ippity} chicks are full of great ideas! I can't wait to hear what they have to share with all of us!

    Send those tips in ladies!!! :-)

  2. I love this..and I can't wait to here all the fabulous ippity chick tips!!!