Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow! A week goes by so is time for {ippity} Matters!!
It is Michelle posting today from the frozen tundra of Minnesota.
I have some great things to share with you that will hopefully warm your heart-
no matter what the temperature is outside!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE {ippity} Design Team Call!! Please make sure to submit your projects by midnight tonite Central Standard Time.

We also have some EXCITING NEW INCENTIVES for our {ippity} chicks and {ippity} dudes!

SALES Incentive!!

{ippity} rewards will be given at certain dollar levels that are reached-based on your purchases!

When you reach $500 in {ippity} purcahses, you will receive a vinyl {ippity} logo! Perfect for your vehicle window!

When you reach $1000 in {ippity} purchases, you will receive an {ippity} mug! You will be sipping your favorite beverage in style!!

When you reach $1500 in {ippity} purchases, you will receive an {ippity} tote! Stylish, SUPER CUTE and a GREAT way to ADVERTISE your {ippity} business!

When you reach $2000 in {ippity} purchases, you will receive an {ippity} banner...perfect for your craft shows, expo events and more!

The best part is you don’t have to keep track of ANYTHING! We will simply ship out your gift, once you have reached each level!

*This incentive is available only to those that are enrolled with {ippity}.

Referral Incentive:

You will now be rewarded for each person that you refer to sign up with {ippity}!

Simply have your new referral fill out the {ippity} Enrollment form and include your name at the bottom of the form where it asks who has referred them! Then, once your new referral has placed $150 in orders, you will be sent an email on how to redeem your REWARD!

Would you like to know what your REWARD is for EACH referral?

How about picking out 4 of your favorite $9 kits or 3 of your favorite $12 kits for FREE!!

You can then give them as gifts or sell them for PURE PROFIT…CASH IN YOUR POCKET!!! If you decide to sell your REWARDS, take a look at the example below to see what your PROFIT can be, just for referring someone to {ippity}:

Pick four $9 kits and sell them for $18 each = a $72 CASH BONUS for YOU!!!


Pick three $12 kits and sell them for $24 each = a $72 CASH BONUS for YOU!!!

This is for each person you refer to sign up with {ippity}.


We will pay for shipping on rewards that are shipped within the Continental US.

We will pay $5 towards the shipping for rewards that are sent outside of the Continental US.

You will receive 1 referral reward per referral

In order to receive your referral reward:

Your name has to be listed on the Enrollment form in the Referral area. Also, your new referral has to purchase $150 in {ippity} products before you can select your reward and be allowed to ship.

There are NO limits on the number of referrals you can have. The more you refer, the more rewards you will receive.



  1. I am sooooo all about this and can't wait to start! I think I may just tell each referral that it is $150 to sign up! LOL....

  2. Yay! Great incentives, both on sales and referrals!

  3. Wahoo!!!! Great incentives. I can't wait to sip coffee from what is sure to be my favorite mug :) Now I just need to get selling!!!

  4. WOW! Thanks gals and guys! These are all fabulous incentives! :D

  5. WOW....these are all amazing incentives!!! I love them all, you guys are amazing!!!

  6. It does just keep getting better and better!!

    Thanks {ippity}!!

  7. Oooh, I think the banner would be awesome at events and shows...luv it all! Thanks {ippity} team!