Friday, February 5, 2010

Flatter-day Saturday with...

our very own Angela Magnuson!!

It's Eryn posting today and I am so excited today to have the honor of introducing you to one of the FABULOUS owners of Unity/{ippity}...Angela! She has been such a HUGE inspiration to SO MANY woman!!

Here is a bit about her own words...

Tell us a little about yourself... I live in a small house on the end of a culdesac. Inside my little abode resides my four boys. Nic {17} Luke {14} James {12} and Sawyer {7}. I have been married to Chris for 15 1/2 years - we have ONE BIG DOG named JaKob who THINKS he is my 5th son. We have raised our family in the same home since the very beginning. We live a couple blocks from a beautiful lake that entertains us consistently during the summer months. Our extended family surrounds us. Both my parents and Chris's parents live within a 15 minute drive from our home. We LOVE having the luxury of spending time with family and having them SO CLOSE.
past jobs...
Prior to Unity I experienced several jobs. I worked in the fashion industry, I waitressed, I have been a Sales Representative for a Uniform Company {ugh} , I have been a Directory of Sales for a Hotel Chain, I have been a WOOD WORKER and best of all I have been a stay at home mama.
How did you first get involved in stamping? I got involved in stamping simply from a manufacturing angle. Chris and I manufactured the 3/4" wood blocks for several stamping companies. As I was running big industrial sanders making the wood blocks my mind would float to having my OWN line of rubber stamps. I love PRETTY THINGS and I knew that the pretty part of the stamping industry would suit me MUCH better than the manufacturing. Thus UNITY! This will surprise you, however - prior to Unity I was NOT a rubber stamper. It was NOT my love for rubber stamping that brought me to this point, it was my love of business, women, and pretty things. I have an eye for style, trends, and all things beautiful.

What is your stamping style? NOW that I am a stamper, I LOVE IT. I am learning new techniques and developing my own style.

Tell us about your creative process? I typically do most of my stamping on my altered items or scrapbooks. I am very, very visual and have to feel extremely inspired to get the best work out of myself. A quote, Music or a picture that touches my heart normally gets my creative juices flowing. I am a STANDER. I stand and craft and I take up ALL THE SPACE I POSSIBLY CAN. I am MESSY, MESSY, MESSY - and just dive in deep each time I decide to get creative.
How long does it take you to make a project you are happy with? Typically it takes me AT LEAST an hour....sometimes more. It really all depends.
What is your title at Unity/{ippity}? Creative Director.
How are you involved in the making of {ippity} stamps? I choose all the art and artists. I help in the look and feel of ippity.

How long have you worked there? FROM THE BEGINNING :)
Can you tell us a funny story about your boss? I am sure I have a funny story about myself....I can tell you this. I am a clutz. If there is something to run into, i do - trip over, i do - spill, i do. So often times I can be a wee bit entertaining to myself.
What song best describes you? Wow. That is tough. I could not even say off the top of my head. This one may require some research.
What is your favorite quote? i could NEVER choose just one. EVER. there are TOO MANY lovely people with lovely things to say.
What would I find in your refrigerator right now? The typical stuff, milk, eggs, cheese, meat, - things OUT of the ordinary - TONS of ranch dressing as it is a staple in our house, a HUGE container of GARLIC - we put it in everything - a HUGE Jar of Jalapenos - LOTS of Ketchup. Everyone in our family LOVES Ketchup - except Luke. HA!
If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? Healing. I would want to be a HEALER. I could just go around and touch everyone that is physically or mentally ill and voila - ALL IS WELL.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? She's been through it all, and SURVIVED.
What would your dream vacation be? Something Tropical, and uneventful. I want to sit, take in the beauty, smell the air, feel the breeze and listen to the silence. No agenda, no urgency, nothing to do. I want to eat to my hearts content and sleep. I want to bronze my skin, add more freckles to my nose and face.
ENJOY your Saturday!!


  1. So great to find out a bit about the lady herself :) thanks for the insight Angela xx

  2. What a beautiful insight to a beautiful mind!

  3. Thanks SO MUCH for doing this for all of your unity/{ippity} fans. It's so nice to feel like we know you and I was surprised about the stamper part. SO HAPPY you started this company!!! YOU make the paper crafting world a happy place :)

  4. ha ha ... I trip over air.. makes my hubby laugh!! it is so nice too read your answers.. very insightful to the creative part of you. having an eye for beautiful things is a blessing.. you have given us so many beautiful things in that wonderful red Rubba!! thanks.

  5. Seriously, what is not to LOVE about this girl???? THANK YOU Angela for the opportUNITY you've given so many of us women. We love you, lady!!!

  6. This is great Angela! I am so thankful that you have that creative edge in you and came up with Unity and now ippity! You definitely have a thing for knowing beauty... probably because you portray it on the inside and out! Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself with us!

  7. So I guess I would ask Eryn...did you know all these details about Angela already? Sometimes I find there are still little surprises that we don't know about our closest friends.
    Angela you are such an your attitude, your outlook in life, you are not only gorgeous outside, but have such a wonderful soul! Thanks for being you!