Tuesday, February 2, 2010

T{ippity} Tuesday

Hello everyone! This is Heather (Guest Designer)
Happy Tuesday!!!

I'm having an out of body experience as I post my first {Ippity} blog post!

So as my first act of Guest Designer for a while,
how bout a super uber fun
T{ippity} Tuesday?Look into holding classes locally through the community.
Look at Community Ed or Local Craft Stores.

This pays for your time, supplies and product.
It's a great way to grow your business as well and
look at new customer avenues.

1. Set price of the class
2. Select what the student will receive as far as product
3. Select how often you will meet and what time
4. Create the projects for the class
5. Enjoy the rewards with minimal efforts

1. Get the people signed up and collect the money
2. Provide the space needed
3. Advertise for you
4. Pay you for your time, supplies & product!
See, easy peasy, just takes a phone call or a drop in to your local
Community Ed department or local craft/scrap stores!!!
Thank you all for listening to my T{ippity} Tuesday...

Stay tuned to {Ippity} Matters Wednesday for the latest and greatest!

So in {Ippity} fashion as old as time itself
(or rather, when it launched in November),
I'm gonna leave you with a quote that
has meant the world of difference to me...

Super big hugs all!

Heather R.


  1. excellent! thanks for sharing-we are in the process of moving right now but once we settle in i am most definitely going to try this out :)


  2. GREAT tip Heather! SO HAPPY to have you on board with us! :)

  3. Great idea, Heather! Thanks for sharing :) and congrats on your Guest DT spot, enjoy it!!!

  4. No surprise that your first Tip and first post with us is a doozy!! I love what you have shared with us and feel it will really be a benefit to ippity chicks to do what you suggest!! Thanks!!

  5. Heather, thanks for laying out the steps to your tips...you are so clever! Love your creations always and CONGRATS on the GDT spot!!! woohoo!!!

  6. Another great tip Heather!!! Glad you are joining us :)