Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{ippity} Matters Wednesday - by Michelle

At the CHA show in California:
L-R:  Eva, me, Eryn, Angela, Michelle W. and Kelly L

Good WEDNESDAY to ALL of YOU!! ~posted by Michelle Ogdahl

WOWZA!!  What a crazy past couple of weeks :)  We put A LOT of creative efforts into preparing the {ippity} booth for the Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, California!  I will tell you that the {ippity} booth was a HUGE SUCCESS and we ROCKED CALIFORNIA!! 

Here is a look at our was a BIG HIT!!

We had FABULOUS Make-n-Takes and it was headed up by our very own Kelly Landers and Eva Dobilas!  They created a SUPER CUTE bookmark...{ippity} style of course :)  They did an outstanding job, jumped right in and were a TON of help. 

SO CUTE...Eva and Kelly

Eva, Kelly and Chris 
Kelly and Eva doing a test-run on Chris for Make-N-Takes!

We also had the help of Heather Rolin, our current Guest DT! 

                                        Heather put some final touches on our {ippity} booth ;)

We had a GREAT team from {ippity} HQ also, including: Eryn Hagen ({ippity} DT), Chris, Angela, Ryan (Bro), Brooke, Tommy, Gus and me! 

                                         Heather, Eva, Angela, Chris, me, Kelly and Ryan (Bro)

We had SO MUCH FUN sharing the {ippity} opportunity with everyone that visited our booth.  It was a blast as we explained their was NO COMMITMENT, NO SIGN-UP FEES, NO MINIMUMS...NO STRESS!!  The statement we heard over and over again was..."this is too good to be true...followed by "how do I join?!!" 

                                                                       LOVE IT!!!!

YOU are RIGHT where YOU should be ladies!!!

Tommy and Ryan taking a turn at the Make-N-Take table

We have added over 40 (and counting) fabulous NEW {ippity} chicks to this team!  Over the next week, I will be updating the {ippity} locator list to include the new additions...which are from all over the world!!  LOVE IT!!!

I have just a few reminders to pass along :)

* We have created a custom handle just for {ippity} and we will be releasing it very soon!  We brought it to the CHA show and the response was VERY POSITIVE!!  Working on final pricing information and we will be able to release it to the {ippity} line of products.

* We are adding catalog pages to the private {ippity} site, so you can print them off for your parties, events and get-togethers. 

* The NEW Winter line is available for preview and purchase if you are an {ippity} chick!  Once you are enrolled, you will receive details on how to access this site!  If you are not enrolled with {ippity}...get ready for the BIG RELEASE PARTY on February 15th!! 

We have been CRAZY BUSY since returning from CHA...but we HAVE BEGUN SHIPPING the Winter Product if you have ordered it...get ready for SOME EXCITEMENT when it arrives!!

                                   I am SO THANKFUL FOR THESE {ippity} CHICKS!!!

Eryn and I....LOVE THIS LADY!!!

Eva and I....SHE WARMS MY HEART!!!




  1. Oh what great memories!! I want to go back!!

    Love the new stuff coming out. Can't wait to get the handles and the catalogs will be so amazing for the ippity chicks to have!!

    You are so awesome Michelle!! Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations on the successes of Ippity at CHA!!! Hugs!!

  2. Brings back memories! Loved every moment in Cali! Thanks for letting me be a part of this HUGE opportunity! Super big hugs my sweetness!

  3. I could just copy Kelly and Heather here...hehehe...what AMAZING memories!!!! I miss you guys, like crazy! So happy to have been able to do this with you guys!!!! Love you ALL!!!! HUGS to you all, FABULOUS ladies, oh and my favorite DUDES!!!!

  4. YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOU ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Can't wait to join in :)

  5. You all are way too fun! Thanks for the pic's and I've gotta get my new order in..yikes! P.S. Chris looks cute with his apron on at the make and take...why weren't the rest of the boys wearing one? *smile*

  6. Oh what fun ! ! ! ! ! The booth looks awesome, you guys all did such a great job! And I'm so excited to hear that the Winter Line has started shipping, now I will be stalking my inbox for a shipping notice and THEN stalking the mailman :)

  7. so much fun! hope to be a part of it all in Chicago. love the booth and everything about {ippity}!!!! thanks for letting me a part of the team!