Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flatterday Saturday - Kelly Spivey

Are you ready to get to know more about our {ippity} blossom
Kelly Spivey
This is my FAVORITE part!!! I love hearing all the answers to the questions :)
Lets get started!! And be prepared to be dazzled...Kelly has TONS of super creative projects included!
About me: I am 39 years old, divorced, mother of a 14 year old son, Joey. We live in a small town in central Illinois. I am an office manager for an association in Springfield, IL. We are a football family and my son was the quarterback this past fall on his 8th grade football team.
How did you get involved in stamping: I started scrapbooking aboutr 8 years ago and really loved it! I progressed into stamping a few years ago (about 3) after I had pretty much completed my sons scrapbooks and still wanted to do something creative. I really love stamping and scrapbooking!
Stamping Style: It is evolving and changing all the time. Since I am pretty new, I am kind of trying it all. I tend to go towards bright, fun, happy colors and styles but I also am really loving the vintage and clean simple styles, also. I will definitely say that I am mostly a "square stamper". By that I mean my cards tend to be layers of squares. I own the nesties and other dies but I just usually tend to square my cards up.
Creative Process: I tend to have a project in mind and then set about choosing colors and designer papers. Then the stamp set gets chosen. Then shape and layering of cards or projects is decided on. I pretty much plan, but am adaptable to change when it needs to change. Sometimes your vision just doesn't play out on paper and you have to be willing to change.
Favorite Ippity stamp and why: I am drawn to Now and Always. I love flowers in general and that flower in that stamp set just called to me. It can be colored in, stamped on DSP, paper pieced, popped up, layered, etc. Its just perfect!
How often do you stamp: Not as often as I would like! Time is always an issue for me. I try to stamp at least on the weekends, especially so I can make sure I have something to post on my blog.
How long to make a project I am happy with: Generally, quite a while. I am super picky and if I mess up, I do it again.
Craft Room: Well, you can ask my friends, who will say "overly compulsively clean and organized"! Ha! I do tend to keep my space neat and clean. I know where everything is and I like things labeled. My paper, drawers and tins are all labeled. It's pathetic but I actually think I like to organize as much as I like to stamp. Yikes!
Biggest challenge: So far, its copics. I am working on it but its just one of those things. My coloring is good with SU markers but only so so with copics.
Selling ippity: I decided to try ippity when I first laid eyes on ippity at the CHA in Chicago this past summer. I thought it was cute and different and I was a SU demo at the time, so I resigned from SU and joined ippity.
Experience selling: To be honest, I have no real experience. Life is so hectic I haven't invested much in trying. I have set out catalogs at a craft fair I was at and will again at the end of this month and try to sell the few sets I have in stock, and then I would like to start having some classes and focusing more on using ippity. So I will let you know later on how its going! What song best describes you: This is a tough one. I have favorite songs but dont really think of a song that describes. I will go with Brass In Pocket by the Pretends. I think it describes us all: The lyrics go..."I'm Special, So Special, I gotta have some of your attention, Give it to me!" I think we all are special and we all love attention! Plus, I just really like The Pretenders.
What 3 things would you bring on a desert island: iPod with as many songs as I can fit because I love music! a huge suitcase of books so I can read. My son to keep me company.
Favorite quote: Poor is the man who's pleasure depends on permission of another.
Whats in my fridge: Lettuce, laughing cow cheese wedges, milk, eggs, salsa.
If you could be a superhero, what would your powers be: I would love to be able to read people's minds! That would ROCK!
Biography title: Confessions of a Small Town Girl
Dream Vacation: A tour of castles in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria.
Thanks Kelly!!!!
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