Friday, February 25, 2011

Fresh Idea with Fabric

Hello and  Happy FRIDAY!!! Is anyone else sooooo ready for the weekend? I am! It's been a long week with a sick kiddo. Happily, little man is feeling better. I am too, because I got some stampy time AND I get to share it with you today.
I pulled out some fabric I had in my stash and decided to use it 3 different ways.  I'm hoping it will inspire you to try creating with fabric.  Don't have any??? Don't be afraid to go into your closet (or your kid's...they always have way cute patterns. but pick something they've out grown) and find something you haven't worn in a LONG time or that doen't quite fit right anymore and cut it up!

So here's what I did with it. First, I used a rectangle and stitched it to some cardstock. I used it just like pattern paper. It adds such a nice texture! This quote, just spoke to me, yesterday. It's from Quotes à la Happy.

Next up, I decided to make some flowers with it. This flower literally took me 3 minutes to create. I cut 2 circles, one a little larger than the other, then I ripped a strip of the same fabric, twisted it up and coiled it to make the center.  A little fabric glue and I was good to go. I let it dry while I assembled the rest of the card. DONE!  {ippity} stamps here are from Quotes à la Happy! Oh, and leaves are from Now & Always!

Then I went really easy and die-cut some fabric. I had my Hearts A Plenty die out and cut two of the hearts out, then pulled a little at the edges to give a more raw, homespun feel to them. A fun color combo, Book It and  How You Doin' stamp sets and this turned out to be my fave of the day!
So there you have it. 3 ways to add fabric to your cards. I hope you feel inspired to give it a try! Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Henke

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  1. AWESOME!!!! I have BOXES of outgrown baby clothes!!

  2. LOVE all of them!! It's a great look with the added fabric!!

  3. Oh how fun! I would have never thought about fabric like this!!! Genius!

    lisa a.

  4. great cards! I'll have to dig out some fabric and try this...especially love that pink flower!

  5. oh these are stunning Lisa.. love how you used the fabric pieces.