Tuesday, January 25, 2011

flattering our girl SARAH!

i am SO EXCITED to introduce you to one of our FABULOUS {ippity} CHICKS...
visit sarah's blogs:
sarah has an etsy store...check it out here: http://randomacts101.etsy.com

isn't this card AMAZING...and look at all of that IPPITY, she didn't even need to use any patterned paper...it's ALL just gorgeous {ippity} stamps!

sarah is running a SALE!
check it out...
******Free Shipping when you buy $40 or more! 
Free $6.00 stamp when you buy $60 or more! (Plus FREE SHIPPING!)
Special runs through February 14th, 2011.

a little tip from sarah, in her own words...
I have found the way people are drawn into {ippity}stamps is seeing the stamps in use. Especially when they can see the stamps used in several different ways, ie other than just cards.. Small thank you notes, decorated sacks, tags, etc using the {ippity} stamps is another easy way to showcase {ippity} and entice the desire for other stamp sets. ;-)

some fabulous class ideas from sarah...
Mommy (or Daddy) & Me class...an opportunity for mom's/dad's to stamp & teach their kids. A couple cards, a photo frame & oranment, tag or clip/pin. Classes making cards of holidays, seasons, birthdays, general, etc.

HOORAY...that was FUN...
and i'll be back on SATURDAY with more FLATTERING info on our girl Sarah!

thanks for stopping by!

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Eryn Hagen

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  1. Gorgeous card and love how you made your own dp. I agree about see the stamps on projects. I love your class idea. If you can get the guy hooked...money is no problem. They usually have to have it all! LOL