Friday, January 14, 2011

Fresh Idea Friday.. Ippity Fashion

Good Morning Everyone..

Welcome to Fresh Idea Friday

I know this is not a new idea but it is a fun one to do.

How about some Ippity Fashion.

I just made this tee for my daughter. She just loves all the Ippity stamps and was so thrilled to wear something Ippity to school today.

So for the supplies you are going to need. a tee shirt some ippity stamps ( I am using the heart from the Ippity Devoted Set) some colourful fabric paint a sponge piece of chipboard for the center of your shirt.
Let's get started

Get all your supplies ready to start, making sure your chipboard is in between your t-shirt.

you are going to need to put some of the paint in a plastic container, and put a little of the paint on your sponge

Lightly paint up your stamp of choice. If you want you can try it on a piece of paper first to see how much paint you want to apply. press down.. make sure you have the chipboard in between your t-shirt. I want to make a dragonfly so I will be doing this twice. Now with a paint brush do the dragonfly body Now if you want to dry overnight or just use your heat gun and dry.. that is what I did. Now you have a wonderful design for your child to wear. Ippity Fashions.
She told me she is going to tell her class that she is wearing Ippity.. maybe we will start a new trend, you never know.

Hope you give this a try, make some old t-shirts, new again.

Have a great weekend

Let's get Crafty!!

Angie Blom

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  1. What an adorable model for a FAB idea! Love this!

    Lisa a.

  2. Cute Idea!! Your daughter is so pretty!! A great model~

  3. Love how you and your precious daughter got your crafty on! What a wonderful project for kids, and I love that beautiful shirt!!

  4. I just love this Ippity Fashion! You are so creative and what a great idea. Your daughter is so cute.

  5. Wish I had a little girl! That would be cute on a ball cap too! Now that's something I would wear!!

  6. so creative, and so very cute, angie!

  7. you rock and what a great mom you are!