Thursday, January 27, 2011

That's How Thursday!

Hi there, it's Eva here today!  I promised you a little tutorial on Monday, so I am here to share that with you today!  

It's all about BRADS and SILHOUETTE.

Well, you don't need Silhouette for it, but that is what I used.  So here is the card I made to share my little tutorial.

You see the little flourish of brads?  Well, I used Samantha' Walker's Flourish Swirl rhinestone Silhouette cutting file  to create my pattern with.  Isn't this pretty?  It's really to use with rhinestones, but I thought it would be perfect with brads as well.  

Once I cut the pattern, I placed it on my patterned paper I was going to use for my card and I marked the spots I was going to place my brads in.

Once marked, I just pierced my holes.

And at last I placed the brads in the holes.

And viola....again, here is a close up of my card using brads.

I hope this inspires you a little bit to look at brads in a different view.  It sure made me think different about them.  I have quite a bit of amount of brads from the past and this could be a fun way to use them.  

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

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  1. great card! spring will you please come early this year!!!?

  2. Beautiful card! My brads don't get much use either. I can see lots of ways to use them now! Thanks for sharing with us!